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You know we did move when Williams our actions told you what we think of Leonard Williams we were offered a three and a five for Leonard Williams and we said okay and we moved on from him we were offered a number one draft choice for you and did trade you what more are they wrapping our arms around you do you need we're not even allowed to take a telephone call about you if another general manager calls up and says I'm gonna give you the Herschel Walker trade I'm gonna give you the you know the mortgage my next two drafts because that's how badly I need Jamal Adams I'm gonna give you two ones to to lose in a three because he's the missing piece to our Superbowl puzzle that's how important I think he is I can't take that phone call out of fear that I might offend you but I'm not doing my job so again a bunch crossing from all items it's on two things welcome to pro sports and we didn't move you and that in and of itself should tell you all you need to know it's got a couple calls in a triple a say ESPN triple eight seven two nine three seven seven six publishers in in for Stephen I all that was the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart just Mendoza at the bottom of the hour so we'll talk World Series with her but let's talk to was an old rich joins us for not sorry Justin that Justin Tom's river in Jersey once talk here are not usually already what's up just a Hey Bob thank you for taking my call I totally agree with you on your point you know but I have to say that the way they handled the whole tree situation which mall Adams I mean detective I think you're just about running for a long time why what how did they handle it that was that where it was poorly handled okay yes I understand you have to take the call you only have to can't recall but it's it's the fact that you know you know the media is going to get that out there right along with Lana del were you keeping constructs everything gets out okay it's the south with the counter offer on Walters with the cowboys and the rate I my opinion to gonna it might thank you for exactly what you want in order to gain a let me let me hang on but before you say he's not tradable let me ask you this now he plays safety safety is not a position that traditionally is looked upon as being you know I mean if you're going to come up with a positional depth chart it's probably fourth fifth or sixth someone in there in terms of importance although with the athleticism of today's tight ends it's become more and more important as the years have gone on but putting all of that aside if I'm on the phone with Dallas and Dallas says we'll give you a one and you say not that's not enough it's going to take to one's in a two I'm not allowed to say that I'm not allowed to make a counter offer I'm not allowed to have a conversation but I also feel it initiated walk I mean you went back and forth listen to what they have to say I said they didn't you're you're you're you're choosing the mouse lying because they said they did not initiate talks what they did was take phone calls that's all they did alright it definitely had a put feelers out there they had they had they had to live as an organization put feelers out there for you why what what what do you feel is out there you're you're saying that they sent some kind of a covert message out to other teams the Jamal Adams might be available why wouldn't they if they want to trade him just do what they did Leonard Williams and call around to other teams and see who was willing to give them the best price a price former you know price for minimal I see your point that I I just really put deals out there has also been described below they were trying to do what he was all offered in the open market I just look at the at the business you would do that and they said they didn't do that I'm just said they didn't do that and most of the reporting is that they didn't do that but most of the guys to cover the team have come back and said something akin to you know I've checked around and it doesn't sound like the jets were actively shopping Jamal Adams but if someone called they listen to what they had to say now is that not the textbook definition of what a general manager supposed to do I agree with you but also to be more broadly understood why would they I understand and all of these receivers but at this point what do you have time to sort of all the porn up to go down to Bobby Hansen anyways I would it took the fourth rounder and it's not just going to give them as you know the kind of horrible downfield ahead to make and you don't want the talents why would you take even a fourth round pick well that's obviously a thanks for the call that's obviously a completely separate argument I believe that you need to have some skill guys there for your young quarterback so he's got a chance to play a chance to develop and a chance to make progress and you can't make that progress unless you've got some guys to throw the ball to but I think they also put a price on Robbie Henderson when I think about a price all the guys I'm sure that the only names that were brought up with the jets in terms of big guys that potentially could be moved were it was Jamal Adams I mean did they now on apology and a heart to heart conversation with every single guy that they had a conversation with every other team about which to me in the big picture is welcome to pro sports this is how it works count up the number of guys that played a whole careers now in one uniform right the forty Niners basically told Joe Montana to go away at the end of his career the best safety is if you want to use them as an example the best safety is the history of the sport two of them played for the jets Ronnie Lott in ed reed late in their careers both played for the jets and played on several other teams one one up their entire career in one uniform so to me unless you are really V. completely irreplaceable franchise quarterback if your team is one of five one six struggling accumulating draft choices is every bit as viable strategy as trying to project forward what a star on your team currently may be two or three years down the line it's not like it's completely black and white cut and dry you have to go one way or the other that's why to me the definition of the job of the general manager there is to take the call and to listen to what other teams have to say because of all of a sudden you get a call from the general manager where they give you twice what you were expecting to ever be possibly offered for a guy it is malpractice to not listen to that offer and then figure out what's best for your organization that's the job description yes ma'am does is coming up triple eight say ESPN is the telephone number we'll talk baseball jazz more of your calls Ryan Clark will join us the top of the.

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