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Says a Pfizer spokeswoman. So let me just make sure I'm getting this straight, doctor Rhodes. Pfizer is basically saying, oh, these aren't, you know, this isn't real data and Marjorie Taylor Greene's full of it because, you know, we can't verify all of this. Isn't this the same excuse that those on the left used to debunk the VAERS data because they said they couldn't verify all the adverse events? Is this what's happening here? Right. You have to understand when you listen to the mainstream media or liberal progressives. I call it the rule of exchange. They exchange one set of data for another set of reasons. And they use it back and forth. A great example is the governor of your state Gavin Newsom, who is now trying to take the medical license from any physician they're pushing a bill right now at your state legislature to take the medical license from any position that quote promotes misinformation. And at the same time, Gavin Newsom, who locked down an entire state and is trying to force vaccines was out, I think it was 72 hours ago and his quote was where he's upset about roe versus wade. And he said, remember, my body, your body, your choice. So again, liberals use the slogans that fit their narrative. And if you say anything else, like you said, it's misinformation. So they don't, they're not, we're not working on a level playing field. So you have to bring context in to show how far off these guys are. How far off the mark they are. And speaking of context, you know, you just read me a quote from Bill Gates that was so asinine that I assumed it was from February or March of 2020. Read that for the audience. This is a quote reported on Bill Gates when he was talking about Elon Musk take over. Of Twitter. And he said, you know, Elon Musk could make misinformation on Twitter worse. And right after he said that, he was answering questions on COVID. And he said, well, yeah, it comes from bats and it spread because of climate change. So you have someone saying that Elon Musk is going to make misinformation worse. And then you have someone basically talking misinformation. But it's not just Bill Gates. It's the same mainstream media in fact checkers. Let's just keep it simple. That said, Hunter Biden's laptop was resting misinformation, which we know because of Washington Post articles, New York Times articles, Hunter Biden's laptop is real. And so, you know, you would think that if I was a liberal, it might cause me some cognitive dissonance, you know? I might look at it and go, hey, this may not be correct. But unfortunately today, we have a lot of people that are specialists and propaganda. That's why when you hear information come out and everyone's saying the exact same words and catch phrases. You can almost bet that that's misinformation. Yeah. The bumper stickers beware of the bumper stickers. And by the one of the just flimsiest arguments is that when they say, you know, your body, your choice, it's just plainly not their body. I mean, the vast majority of instances. That person shows to engage in intercourse. There are potential consequences for that. And sometimes, yes, it creates another body. It's called a baby. And that baby doesn't get a choice unless we fight for it. But Andrew, look at this. I mean, even their body of their choice. Look, now it ever since roe versus wade, the Democrats have discovered the definition of a woman. I mean, we didn't even know what a woman was to add robots. I'm waiting out everyone understands a woman. I'm not a biologist, but it was a happy Mother's Day yesterday. So happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful mothers. We need you to be saying, stand up to doctor rose, wish we had more time per usual. Thank you.

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