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Wayne gretzky would not megan an an nhl team notice he would have to be borne in the year to 1998 and he'd have to grow up in this day and age to play with these guys they're play much faster they're playing much harder it's a lot with one of you lord against vast phrase i mean they're playing hard they weren't playing hard in the air they just wally gagged watch highlights of wayne gretzky scoring goals and tell me a few if any of those shots that he was so he had like thousands and thousands points i tell if any of those would be going in in in the year two thousand seventeen they have to score in a in a spot that the size of the puk above either shoulders and just below the gloves and he by l can even check the debris gamely scoring whitman changes no it's the equipment changes are just too much goal i mean the goals foragainst in each game in the games per um the goals for game three i i i don't know other than that in fact be like oh rockstar i think he probably be able to make the team yeah that would be my guess no get out i don't know why nick damages asked to chime in god guidelines your go roadwork mattiello was like he had one hundred nineteen points in 84 sal think he would think he cracked so the bit so we are having sorry last night buddies in the the main arguments at hockey has changed more than any other sport in all sports straw not sure if it is true how what a trench morqos at guys scoring one hundred ninety two hundred forty points house a chance boys in and now the hart trophy was eighty six points yes 'cause he was the bus house a g would not do that nowadays long he would score 212 w saying won't even three hundred but analysts i this is a different game he was a much told there is also a difference in your argument two hundred forty points first as being on even a august force change this is like a yoyo cloud things not.

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