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Week one of the books i kinda liked your open on the whole deal we don't know what it was but how bad was the opening weekend for you uh well it was a crummy weekend of games in the eu whereas uh we'll ask year by sunday night were all sitting around in the average margin of the first fourteen games a weekend was about five point this week this year with fifteen uh and just i mean i think it's partly fluky thing but the fact is uh the football stunk this weekend and i i mean really i don't think that's why ratings in week one would be down but uh if there's a lot more week like that they'll have a lot more problems with ratings been just colin kaepernick kneeling or whatever else whatever other excuse that we can think of two you're you know for the ratings being down i want to talk about bill brian in the texans because here we are the second time in three years where he's bench the guy that we all boggles occupy the story due to a horror mallett going back to two thousand fifteen how do you see this situation as the rest of us are looking at it going did he just screw this thing up um i think tom savage was a logical guy i mean you guys watch or what more college football than i do i don't really watch much of it at all and so i did third watching shawn watson and kill after here's ballgame really and um heat the kind of claire who you really really like have on your convenient you only person who's gonna live on the planet today your with ever higher onkar four hundred yards against the next sabin defense quite so if you've got a lot going for him apart the fact is he also had a lot to learn about the nfl games so it was a lager go was there you would put it craning liles on while tom savvy uh and until com fabric law the grab now he was pretty per cohere watkin one in training camp so honestly i can't fault bill o'brien for making a clean you this quickly and i also clear called him for skirting com fabric bucur savage when he had prayed before headquartered at a p pork level um he with awful yesterday and even get a lot of.

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