Democrats and GOP each pick up a Senate seat


Lot of eyes around the White House race, and they are, but that is not the only race tonight that will affect what goes on in Washington. In the coming years. The BBC sherry small keeping an eye on the Senate, sherry Good. Good evening Been Democrats trying to flip the GOP controlled Senate 35 seats up for election twice a CZ many Republicans a seats up for election than Democratic seats, according to the AP. So far, they're eight wins for Republican seven seats going to Democrats. Among those Democratic winds include three New England senators. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. No surprise there also no surprise for New Hampshire incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen and incumbent Senator John Reed of Rhode Island. But these early numbers what they don't include are about a dozen highly watched tight races where the seats could flip. That includes up in Maine. Incumbent Senator Republican Susan Collins is being challenged by Democrat Sara Gideon, now in the House, current Democrat controlled House. I should say Republicans, they're trying to win back. Some of those seats that they lost black back in that blue wave of the 2018 mid term election right now, looking at the AP map. We're seeing 40 seats in the house so far. Going to Republicans and 70 seats so far going to excuse me reverse at 41 seats going Tio Democrats 70 seats so far going Tio Republicans in the early numbers that have come in, we'll keep an

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