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That could be the podcasters yelling at the listeners. Okay. All right. Anything else in regards to Minnesota? I think that's it. RAM EP at Rob's website, the com or tweet at me, or DM me, and let us know if you're not coming. You don't have to tell us I think that's fine. I, I wanna come. But, like that's okay. But if you're coming, let us know. And so we could start planning ahead for that. And then if we do hear from enough people, then we'll update you in the next episode and talk about what the live show. We'll ideas are potentially going to start sending ideas for that. If you have an idea, hey, this would work great for a live show. It has to be something that's it can like it can't be to visual, right? Because we also have to release it as a podcast, right? And it can't be something with, like, okay. Caitlyn Herman life. Coach. I is like we need like we would needlessly fly in Caitlyn Herman righty. That's our way to get it. Maybe we have a local guest that we would look things are on the table for the maybe there are things that you could only do in Minnesota that are part of his. This potential idea. Yeah. That's all right. We are what our Minnesota Centric renege Reneged by by. interviewing Chester's friend, that was hitting up the strip clubs for the thirty six hours before the podcast that guys come in. He's invited. Also, any, you know, people are like, well, what happens if like a real weirdo wants the Cup? So if you're sitting at home, and you're if you're listening to this k- want to come to Minnesota, but, like I know deep down a serial killer. Then I think you have to sit this out, right? We respect you. Yeah. Right. Like, but, but you have I think you can't come here because I put us in jeopardy. So if you are serial killer, or, you know, leave if you only murder, like once or what, what makes someone a killer three murders, I think one murder one murder. That's not in self defense. I think we'd overlook self-defense. Yes. So if you've done murdering probably sit this one out. But if you know you just had some light, arson will probably let you come flight away. What constitutes? Light, arson fire, wearing them like not a full house. But maybe like a like a shed some shatter. So is it by accident? Did you leave oily rags accident? I don't think it's arson. I think it's only arson. If it's is that arsenal firebugs, no no firebomb. No, you. Because then they get if we get an Airbnb, we don't want to burning down there being be. That's right. That's true. No arsonists and no murders. Please. Okay. All right. Kiva should we set up what we're doing here on the final four? Please do because this is a little bit of a confusing premise. Do we know who sent this in the who shot up Tim say, we do too many Tim ideas? And they might really be saying it after today. We don't know shut up to him. Can I tell you what shut up Tim sent me this week as, as a pitch that he wanted in the mail bag? Yes. Just because people are like, how come you take somebody Tim ideas and the really answers because he sends so many in. And you should see the ones I reject. Here's the one I reject that recently podcast idea. Robin kiva are dead in this morbid podcast. Robin kiva discuss what they think they're funerals will be like hula tend tool snub, and what will happen to their podcast post, Robin, Akiva, conclude, episode presenting the geez, that they wrote for each other, or they touching are they said, or they funny..

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