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Like, this is the right? I have no idea. What players are worth. Like, no another to the Rams. They traded Robert Quinn for a four and they traded three for Dante Fowler crepe. Explain that to me. I mean, so valor being twenty four helps obviously like you said, and I mean, Amari Cooper for a I like where where are these values coming from? I just I think that maybe the greatest market inequity right now, our veterans like true, vets, you know, the older players that can still definitely get the job done. And the fact that teams are just so low to give up a pick for those guys. Even though they're, you know, they're affordable and extremely productive. That's really what matters are extremely productive regardless of their their salaries. So to me, I I don't know. Let's not act like Quinn was old Quinn. Still only twenty eight and he went for four after a four and after an eight and a half sees. I mean, he's. Then they then trade three for a guy who has to sacks and seven games. Yeah. I bet part of it for sure. And then, you know, I I think that the injury history plays a role, and I don't know. I I think that it's so much of his pedigree. He's players live off their Petteri for so long within their for really for their first two deals almost every first round pick. It's at option picked out that extension picked up and the, you know, and I think no different. I'm just saying if if you're telling me, I can have Robert Quinn, don't they Fowler? I want Robert Quinn. No question. No question in my mind at all and quiz it like a bad dude by any means Eze. I don't think so not that I've ever heard. I mean, again, not having the best season this year. But we've seen what he can do. We've never really seen. What Dante Fowler's Gable of thousand nineteen hundred season for Christ's sake that yeah, that's the ceiling and he's twenty eight like he's not that. And when you have one skill that, you need to fulfill. It's not like he's gotta do all bunch of different things. I think that's just even more reason to take because that pass rush ability can can last for a while. If it's just the only that look at you know, there's just a bunch of guys that lived off that for a long long time Dwight free. So I had free for sure was thinking of you know, there's others were was great for a long time. There's absolutely there's a bunch DeMarcus ware. Those guys you can still use them for a long time. The question last day once again back to the Packers. This surprise me a little bit the Packers trait ha ha Clinton Dix to the Washington Redskins, by the way, screw you for twenty nineteen fourth-round pick. So you're screw you kind of is what my issue with. This is like I I think people think much higher of ha ha Clinton Dix and what they should. I just asked any back watch all of us naps. He he is. He gets burned repeatedly. I mean, he gets burned once every two weeks for huge huge plays. Like, yes, he does turn over the ball occasionally. There's something to be said about that for sure..

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