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After a jury in April convicted him of Floyd's murder. Matt Sepik reporting. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Israel toe work to shore up the cease fire between Israel and Palestinian Hamas fighters. He's already met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and will speak with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Other stops for blinking on his trip include Jordan and Egypt, which mediated the cease fire. Most Children who suffer a rare but serious complication of covert 19 recover in less than six months, according to a new study NPR's Richard Harris reports on a paper published in the land set Children generally handle covered 19 better than adults do, but on rare occasions they developed dangerous inflammation which can affect the heart and other vital organs. It's called M I s see. Doctors at a major hospital in London followed up on 46 Children who had been diagnosed with this condition within six weeks. Most had recovered pretty well and most of the rest were largely better by six months, but some didn't fully recover their strength, perhaps due to extended time in a hospital bed or to the drugs used to treat the condition. And nearly one in five reported serious emotional difficulties that had not resolved six months after their diagnosis. But overall, doctors were reassured that the dangerous inflammation had cleared up in all but one patient. Richard Harris, NPR news Big tech company. Apple and video game developer Epic Games have wrapped up legal arguments over whether the iPhone maker abuses its market power. NPR's Shannon Bond reports. The case centers on whether Apple fairly treats companies that make popular smartphone APS closing arguments took the form of a debate in the Oakland, California courtroom where Apple and epic have been making their cases for the last three weeks. Epic, which makes the popular game fortnight urge the judge to force Apple to open up its grip on its APP store and allow more competition. Apple descended the 30% commission. It levies on every purchase made in the APP store and said it already faces plenty of rivals in the smartphone market. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers press both sides on how to define competition and whether the court should get involved in changing a company's business model. She said She'll give her verdict as soon as she can, but did not set a date. Apples among MPR's financial supporters. Shannon Bond, NPR News This is NPR news. President Biden is going to tap upto $1 billion for a federal Emergency management agency program that prepares for disasters that includes severe weather. Biden point rather pointed to record hurricanes and tropical storms last year. He says. Forecasters say this year's hurricane season will be active. A suspected killer who evaded police for a week in South Carolina was captured Monday after a massive manhunt. From South Carolina Public Radio Scott Morgan reports, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found 27 year old Tyler Terry lying on the ground in the woods in Chester County. Although agents reportedly found a gun near him. He was taken into custody without incident. The federal agents were part of a 20 agency 300 person manhunt for Terry, who slipped Chester County deputies following a high speed chase last Monday. Terry was sudden connection with four murders in South Carolina and ST Louis. Police say two deputies chasing Terry and a woman were fired at Terry faces two counts of attempted murder in that incident, plus another five counts of attempted murder in Chester City. For NPR News. I'm Scott Morgan, Texas State lawmakers have passed a bill that would let people carry handguns without getting any permits. It would not have to get state background checks either or any training. There are strong objections to the bill. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he will sign it. Law enforcement groups say this will put the public and law enforcement officers in danger. Gun control groups point to mass shootings in Texas such as the one and Wal Mart in El Paso that killed 23 people. I'm Korver Coleman NPR News in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include ex chair introducing the ex HMT Heat and Massage Work Chair. Ah, Home office chair with heat and massage therapy, plus de VL Support and 10 ergonomic adjustments at x chair.

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