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I think that Youtube relationships don't last in the same way that a lot of reality TV star relationships don't last is that when things get to a certain point, they feel like they have to fake the funk. As opposed to like taking care of their staff flake. In, one of these families that we both whites The father was unhappy. Didn't went the lifestyle that he was. Portraying an all that stuff and so he started to behave out side of the marriage. But of course, he was continuing act like everything was great. Everything was great emam. She was exposed then it was okay. Well, now we're going to counseling and we are trying to figure our staff from Bob La and inevitably got divorced because the reality is that's not where the father wanted to be. Legs were said in the case of the Toyin Adam they were still doing good base leeming. They still doing good in terms of their business they just. Felt like a we have to do the right thing and be married and stay married and have our kids and Blah Blah Blah and it's like if y'all are not romantically compatible. Yeah. Don't fake the funk for US yeah. But I don't feel like it's just for us. It's also for a check for endorsement deals for securing potential deals for their kids in the future. So it's like. The have you have the business aspect where you do really well, when work together but the romantic or maybe marriage bonding like you said, it's just not there anymore. So that's the is like if you built them together and their wheat into each other, I don't know exactly how you'll be able to separate that and keep the foundation strong. I am. Bad I don't I don't want it for myself. Say for sure. But I'm also someone that's like when I see that something's not working the I think I've said on this podcast but you definitely know Eliot be like was this isn't working so Clear or I'm. Going to be out..

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