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It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world bronze German, six weeks champion while you're still having Roman chase. I know people Roman, the Roman fan base will be. Hell, six-week, chase him. He gets back at Savar series. One you've continued. The story had to you're making this, he'll turn worth it is turning broaden to heal and then having him lose things like every single he'll and the roster pointless from winning cashing in successfully. As you knew WB universal champion. I wanna believe that's going to happen and it really it seriously does need to happen because again, it's Roman is better when he chases not say that Roman is a bad champion because Roman is certainly not a bad champion, but Roman is better when he chases a title. That's very evident with the way that they ran the Holbrook list few. They write him better when he's chasing him when he has the title. It's okay. Hey, look champion on the big dog and this that he can stick around and everything. Hold on this. This is now it's sitting on top of the mountain. He's got his boys right there, but willy has boys because they've been very inconsistent with the shield, so they may not be involved. Who knows? But yeah, I mean, Braun strowman for everything. The Becky Lynch situation all over again for anything that Braun strowman has said for anything that he has done for this feud up to this point to matter to take it to super showdown where people are going to care about it, you have to have him win. You have to have him get that title. How do you have a ten cannon house l. are you knocking both Miguel or you're gonna have a county doesn't hell. You can't have account. Both. Men can't continue that one thing at ten count for count. Yeah, it's it's, it's not Kunal holes barred in a cage essentially. So you can have Braun putting through the cage, but very much doubt. They're going off the nocco logo through that. Will them going through Lau drew. Seth and see how that work. But yeah, I want to say Ron Stroman. In fact, I'm going to say Braun Stroman just because just to keep it interesting just to keep it going, but there's also wildcard that we're not factoring. No, he's not playing any part in it, but I would feel remiss if I don't mention him in the back half of the show and that is Mr. Bray Wyatt. So here's the deal with Bray. Why he's coming back solo at some point. Rumor is after Helena, Sal, and nobody's really sure who is facing. He's coming out of the leaders of world. He's potentially coming back with a new character or a revamped character or something. Please let him to cannonball into Matt sleek. If we're all perfectly Frank with each other, and he's been putting out rather mysterious messages could come back and help run because you know, there's that whole grudge with the shield with Roman with everybody that breaks Gakuen. Could he come back in just a tax someone could. Just not show up, we don't know, but there is that connection between brain brawn and that would be pretty epic duo right there. No, it's not going to, but I dream I dream, but yeah, I have to mention him at least three times show or else. I feel bad. At least once an hour who's no. For what? Anyway. But yeah, I mean, I just I would be curious to see if he plays any factor in the show very much doubt it, but I would like to see that. But in terms of the match the final match, bronze, gotta win. He won't, but bronze, gotta win for any of it to mean anything. Braun has to win fullback. I don't think I said AJ April now record at Roman reigns able in this one. So there you go. There's our picks. Do you agree? Do you not agree? Well, you can tweet us at while talk radio at recreational show, and you don't tell us your thoughts when you can participate in the pick challenge for bragging rights on who picks best, hopefully you better and us and the April. We never do. But anyway, the.

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