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Okay. So we're back. It's time now for the re is do you wanna go first or you want me to go I go, okay? I'm going to pass my read this week. You too. For the first time I am passing a read from somebody who did not ask me to do that. So shout out to amber Riley, Jerry Smyth from my girl, amber, even though she'd be trolling, her fans acting like we won't let her come on the region time. She doesn't as she loves she cackles and text me. She's rude, but an proposes something the other day on Instagram that caught my attention it is an article knowing about go for it is an essay in the telegraph called an it's the title of it is obese mannequins are selling women a dangerous lie before. So this is some bitch named Tanya gold, who is mad because Nike sells workout clothes, I think in up to three x. And so they have a, a mannequin here. Looks like she's, you know, like I mean, she's not fat. She's just bigger than regular mannequins. Yes. She's thickest. Exactly. It's not like she has anyway, this isn't the point. This bitch Tanya is so mad at this plus size man and talking about the, you know, the war on a BI city and fat, people ain't seeing a run in and blah, blah, blah. All this shit, and my first thought was goddamn, fat, people are really damned. If you do damned if you would think of all things workout clothes be the one. One thing you bitch shoot on Mayer business. Right. It will be the one thing that would be like issue, come in a ten x cuts like you would think that would be the one thing that was not having your everybody that thinks they think is spent fucking inches. Yes button. No, this vicious sided to behave and terrible and is actually not even thin herself. So it's like a lot of entire analyze bullshit. I mean I wouldn't call her fed, but she probably around the size of this man again. So anyway, posted about this, and I'm gonna read her caption, because it was just phenomenal. She starts off by saying what is it that offense people so much about fat bodies? Even a mannequin set shot off seriously, how to someone's mere presence creates such hatred. This is discussing I don't normally speak out. And I nor the BS. But this piss me off this morning. There are men and women out here who simply want to be included. So now we have gym clothes or we can have it, but you just want the clothing push to the back of the wreck. So you don't have to look at it as much as you tell fat. People to work out. I work out four times a week. What the fuck do you suggest, I wear, I guess, you guys can't publicly spew your hatred about the LGBTQ community or people of color without being canceled? Even though y'all still, try both so that venom has to land somewhere. You have to find some kind of controversy to sell your magazines, that people are the only ones left at everyone can offend and make fun of and most people will laugh, it off and agree. Do you even realize how damaging it is for people to not feel comfortable existing in the body? They are in, I stopped giving a shit years ago, but a twelve or thirteen year old reading this or seeing this is just heartbreaking. I know eleven year olds already saying they hate they bodies and I wonder why let's stop pretending that people's concern is the health of fat people because it is not roof that is not Charles issue with people being met, most of you don't like the freedom and audacity, we have to live and be about subjecting ourselves to the unattainable, beauty standards. You guys beat yourself up about, and most of you men think a women's main purpose in life is to get you a little pickle har-. And when they don't you shame her little pickle. Saint absolutely me. I'm experiencing my whole life. So allow me to get this off my chest and hard before my trainer kick my ass this morning because I need to focus leave. My bad ass alone. Let people walk around in whatever body, they want, and go find some business to attend to everyone out here, smoking, and drinking every day teeth.

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