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Using their starters and saints quarterback derek carr and jamis winston had touchdowns in their brief appearances patrick mahomes went two for two for 15 yards but right now in the fourth quarter 14 minutes to go kansas city with 17 unanswered points it has taken a 21 -17 lead also derek carr's former team las vegas they'll host the san francisco 49ers hunters coming up in about 35 minutes elsewhere to baseball nats looking for the three -game sweep of oakland trevor williams made today's start but coughed up three homers in four and a third frames his afternoon is over we'll keep you posted the rest of the afternoon bottom six ease up 5 -1 the oriel's first place and a chance for a series win as they're in seattle a 4 -10 first pitch as kyle bradish will get the start for baltimore w n b a mystics hosting chicago they've just gone to the second period at the entertainment sports and arena a 22 -19 lead for washington over the chicago sky as for status the of elena de la donne coach eric tebow from earlier this afternoon um she's still not ready no not too much more to it obviously she had the cross -country travel coming back uh didn't feel quite right and so uh you know you got a few days after today and we'll see how it feels and back to fell washington fresh off their victory over cleveland friday night and in need of some help a tight end our signing winning tight end caden smith who last played with the giants back in 2021 and women's skolf american lilia you vu rather has won the women's british open that's her second major victory of 2023 j brooks wtop sports coming up after traffic african weather as the death toll in hawaii increases many victims are wondering why they were not were warned not it's 326 check it out you lifted your car yep refinanced my auto loan with navy federal credit union put the money i saved towards an 18 inch lift pretty sweet huh it's a minivan dad i can't get down at navy federal credit union we're here to help our members safe for their goals whatever they may be navy federal credit union our members are the mission it all happened so fast selling a home this is dave johnson i've as told you jennifer young of jennifer young homes knows how to make it happen roger and dallas they were up against the clock and jennifer and her team only had three days to do some minor work and get their menaces home on the market well a few small repairs some carpet cleaning the property listed a successful open house first weekend two offers delivered one went under contract and the they'll just close thinking about selling a home connect with jennifer young at eight seven seven six one one sell or jennifer young homes dot com kevin williams realty seven oh three eight one five five seven zero zero nobody likes going to the dentist but it's much harder for some don't let fear and anxiety keep you from a perfect smile at nova dental anesthesia they take the stress away state -of -the -art compassionate dental care it's what they do so if you've been putting off that trip to the dentist there's

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