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Increasingly see here's what's happening on this final day of the British open came Lauer's remains loan at the top of the leader board at sixteen under Tommy Fleetwood is six thousand back Larry is looking for his first golf major championship the six newest members of the baseball hall of fame will be inducting today into first down to your this year's classes have bye bye Mariano Rivera the only unanimous selection in all his three at the Martinez my memories in the late Roy Halladay will also be inducted today I would executive dominance during a sixteen year major league career was something to behold point out ESPN's imperfection no hitter in the postseason we have to think about the work that they are very very few pictures I've ever seen that ever had with the mayor and the four different stages not for all state that went straight because he wanted to move on everything interview non staining company graze out the other Kevin your buyers and placed on the injured list with a sprained left thumb an MRI revealed there's no ligament damage your Meyer will not need surgery Yankees manager Aaron Boone believes the first baseman the boy will be available today versus the Rockies what was removed from yesterday's win after getting in the job I am ninety one mile an hour age has indicated he did not have a concussion boxing Manny Pacquiao BP Thurman by split decision to claim the WBA welterweight title it was the first real law for the thirty year old Thurman now fell and fell to twenty nine in one crack is love he is the polesitter for today's NASCAR race Hey Kyle Busch has the outside spot on the front row on Monday the paraphrase friendly show herm Edwards I just want to feel the grass under my feet every single NFL team begins training camp this coming week plus the latest from the open championship Golder window Monday six eastern on ESPN radio ESPN two the decision on ESPN one thousand ESPN Chicago dot com you know one thousand talking now we talk call I know I just found out is not going to be cal Quantrill going for the Padres today the cubs get to face a twenty year old making his major league debut Adrian more jobs that's probably not exactly a correct pronunciation but we'll wait she would lead says he's.

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