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Phone Apple TV plus renews at 4.99 per month at the first gear unless you cancel details at team up with dot com It's 8 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s here read a Kessler in the traffic center In Virginia northbound 95 that is a tough trip coming out as Bosnia headed past Fredericksburg Or through Fredericksburg after route three in Fredericksburg they left side was blocked with the crash delays back near route one seeing delays along with one as well as a lot of you are trying to avoid that backup southbound 95 while that's painful coming out of lorden across the Aquaman headed into dumfries There'd been an earlier rock near dumfries along the right shoulder within the delay after lorton There was a broken down vehicle along the left side but that may have cleared Georgetown pike between Harvey wrote in chain bridge road That was a report of some utility works to keep an eye out for any slowdowns there On the beltway this is the outer loop of the beltway on the Woodrow Wilson bridge starting to see some delays build there not sure if anything's going on in the local or through lanes in Alexandria north Quaker lane is still closed between jannie's lane and west Braddock road for the police activity In Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway everything back up to speed between one 97 and one 98 All lanes reopened from the earlier northbound crash nobody being diverted and not seeing any major backups from it but northbound 95 is still slow from the ICC headed past one 98 with the travel lanes available to you One 24 mid county highway a goshen road you had been under police direction with the crash Two O one edmonston road near sunnyside avenue had been the scene of a wreck If you're in the district the eastbound freeway delays begin coming off the case bridge headed past the third street tunnel and passed south capitol street The two left lanes remain being blocked with that crash I'm Rita Kessler W T O P traffic.

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