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Any shoot save made by demanding cutting knife toward the middle of the ice and had an open chance Cherniak. Stole four for twenty eight more seconds goes to mcdonagh by the lightning that. Two one the lightning trail the first there's Eric Chuck right side. Feed corn to center drops. It off Johnson across the blue line, right circle. Shoots. He put a wide, right, Laura. Got checked hard after he made the past. They could have gotten the hurricanes for interference right there. That's where caloric is wandering Faulk. Put it into the Carolina bench. Ten seconds that major power play will begin for Carolina. Four minutes left to the first two one hurricanes Kat Cologne completely off guard. They're just at Carolina blue line pretty hard hit to he went down hard, but got up quickly and was John F a little bit after that. Again, when you have a major power play the penalty will bite NDFU score powerplay will not end. Sorolla wins the fees on the offensive end ahead backpedals to center ice to start that three that have major for Carolina been all the way back in his own zone causes it for Sara Lee at center ice. He is checked auto gets it what Alec offside it came back in was in there. They said it went back off really stick out dumps at five Coburn. Their fires it out down the near suddenly from the I said, no damage done on a fifty fifty. Offside called. It wasn't made Justin Williams to forty two left in the major finds Faulk drops a fraud ho ho pedals way of two little possible and Anita rider left circle up. Justin, Faulk, centerpoint Williams, right Ciclon process. Terrified misses his sticks. Or Elliot's steel and a clear out to center to twenty-five up to the major Williams earns it at center is a whole process provided left point he is checked by Sarah. He's everywhere. The penalty kill really a thorn in the side of the power play. Guys. Williams has to regroup his own, Ed. Short-pass Dustin Faulk to one Carolina the first now our whole on the drop feed at the center, ice circle across the blood a Williams right point William sweeps across as for Sebastian whole of circle of circle meteorite or appoint Faulk little shop walk in front by turn occasional drill it out to center, ice and hit Kelly and stick allies able to retrieve it. But over to mcdonagh at his own zone. Right side pocket. Onsite across the blunt short Hannah, right circle. One forty two left in the major pocket is dispossessed by slated who barrels back the other way with speed Jacob slave enough. The middle middle lightning zone left circle. While the by Colbourne that slowed him up and he went cross ice. And MRs everyone around the far boards pinballs past Hamilton down the ice back to the Carolina end to hurricanes minute twenty four left in the major. Here's fetch coffee left-wing WalMart into the lightning zone because WalMart left circle a dropped pass stole. My Sara Lee. And Sara Lee rips it down the far side of the ice. He didn't make so many good plays on the penalty. Kill disrupting passes gets pucks down the ice pressures up ice. Here's Faulk one or two left in the nature of the middle at center girls across the point for a. Oh, always check by covert. He'll sweep across as Justin Williams, right circle Williams, maneuvers his way into the right, cornerback turbine, right point, people terrified it right circle. Williams. Williams holds and the right corner. Forty two in the PowerPoint, centerpoint Faulk point, Idaho, shoots blocked. Rebound corn is after it. Couldn't get it away from Williams who intercepts drop Pete skipped over FOX. Stick at the right point ends up. Coming back to the Carolina and twenty eight seconds left in the penalty. Joseph is serving the major here's Dougie Hamilton under the rush to center left wing Martin Luth, the lightning zone left circle. Martin trying to center it and Fouts's behind the lightning net a battle their turnout. Trying to come up with it. There with Callahan pal and knock off of the air and bounces right back down to go in the period. Brockman getting tried to center and pocket steals and punches it down the length of the ice Delaney killed it off look terrific kill for the lightning. That was three minutes of penalty kill time under a minute to go in the first we're back to five on five. It's still too on Carolina Martineau to center ice backhands it in demeaning one times the puck for John route on the right wing little Gujrat to Johnson at center left side, peat point across the circle Kutuzov slot. Mcdonagh holds shoot save rebound Johnson. He had a hat-trick earlier this year against the hurricanes. He ties the score at two here with twenty five point eight seconds left in the first Tyler Johnson. Great job..

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