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Is the title track from their new album called Jaco which means Christmas is here and it is a classic Los Lobos operation a lovingly curated collection of songs from across north central and South America with of course an original song that makes you want to cry joining us your studio to talk about the new album are bandmembers liquors junior and Steve Berlin welcome to you thank you so much for joining us you see I can't believe you never made a Christmas album before I mean you may have our children's albums which I have to tell you my kids were out so first of all why not before now and and why now yeah there's been Christmas is for the past forty five years so how it I don't I don't really have an answer for that did this I'm just kind of fell in our lap you know we had talked to a few people and we said yeah we would be a great that would be agreeable and then suddenly it happened and tonight we were recording Christmas record in July in Los Angeles for a festive okay let me place on one song from the album this is got burned a estos Santa Claus and here it is so this song dates back to nineteen fifty eight and I understand that when the decision came to put this album together that you kind of called upon some friends to help you kind of survey the landscape of things that you might want to do and they were like more than a hundred things to choose from how did you finally.

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