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So he's if he's back to his best, he's going to be hard to beat here again. Dashlane is a really smash and horse. But he's not he's not a horse. If you want to ask a price by them for any grade one of the children festival, you can have whatever pressure you like about them. And yeah, he's giving it away to multiple red one winners here to watch his first in the gold cup after he'd been favorite for the Ryanair and the champion chess. So I think Donald Trump's task here is harder than it looks. I'm not sure he'd go off favorite. Again, I'm not a guy. I'm really like that old Russia. And he suits us really well. But he's going to have to be better than ever after a brick to win this or he's going to need definitely to soy and lost in translation to come back and not be as good as they were, which is also possible. And that makes it really hard to weigh up. And the easiest thing to do is just say of deputy saw in Los Angeles through quantum gone of the game and therefore you've got value because take that massively over broke. Massa Tom Tucker, I don't think as an ideally suited to this test. And of course, you know, he's had his issues over the years. He's a ten year old now. He hasn't had that many starts with offenses, but he's some he's no spring chicken. Either of the outsiders are capable of winning this. Well, pistol whiff is the reindeer cider in this. And again, he's not horsey would ever call them, you know, a great one animal. And I don't really see him making that breakthrough base. He's done very well climbing the ranks. And his second last time at Utah, again, very different rest of this. It's pretty good for him. He was bitten by Frankie de Burley, I could barely has gone on and on the grand theft of the national fences since or sorry he's taken that by still combining one, didn't he? But frankly to barely run well in his next start. Piston whip looked like he was unlucky not to win that trade of 6s on and running. Travel best jump best just a one time from the last fence. And if you take, if you take that literally gives giving 18 pies to the runner up, you stop plenty of decent form Frankie for like, not I should say on the rough system because it was a stable companion who won that. But yeah, he was he was a winner at market rears and in the summer the summer played. Two starts after that. So yeah, he has one a decent rear since. And, you know, that came off a mark of a 150. So if you say he's beaten horses, he had plans ahead of his mark. You talked to her. You know, Denny's one 60 horse. Now he's the one 60 horse. Then he's got a decent chance here as well. He's coming from left field. And he's shown us best form when making the running and that's not going to be an easy thing to do with national dras or wanting to do that. So this looks like a it looks like a really, really ugly race to try to visualize. And I don't really know what to make of it. I thought I might be interested in Benny's king at a price, but he's not much of a price. I see 13 to two with a firm I'm looking at. I kind of thought he'd be a 14 to one chance. Again, he's a handicapper. Who's a ten year old now and pulled up and as we appearance off a mark of 1.57. I thought he'd be completely ignored in the betting. You can get but he's not. Yeah, but even I've not single fingers don't really appeal. I just thought, you know, you can get 12. Oh, there you go. You can get 12. You just put in the wrong price. Well, that's the first part. The first person who looks out there suggests he's a little bit a little bit shorter. And I can see why they've gone a reasonably short pricing and because his third and the ask a chance here was a pretty good performance. And he has shown some of his best form and ask that he was through it to a national treasure. And master Tommy Tucker. Hi. Yeah, that's what I was going to ask you about was ultimately being a down skeleton horse. The fact that he has such good air scout form. I did find it hard to get away from actual driver. But if you.

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