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Via the unknown. So that you'll get some prophets of person. Foremost i fear is dr course and i think fear anger all of dark forces and so for me honestly when they when they creep in the treatment all of us we are not perfect human beings And equipment for all of us so for me. My fate really does support me. And when i start feeling that way for me start praying because prayer listening up it gets me out of that that darkness that anger and whatever is coming at me This doesn't mean that we ignore danger because don't ignore danger but what it means is that we handle it differently and we look at anything. That's a challenge as an opportunity. Not a threat. How can we turn this around. I mean we've been sent into. We've been lost afghanistan. We've been sent into afghanistan by accident with no escort to the front law to the front lines with no escorts. We'd been lost in singapore but at the same time we manage those things clearly. We managed them so well that our clients kept us and started sending Places because they knew that we can handle that kind of the mishap that we have going to singapore. It was something that was not planned because of them happening we ended up with an eighteen year contract because we turn into a relationship because the basic relationship and and being successful in making a happened ourselves decision making turning that unknown fear into success that ended up in eighteen year contract with so it needs to manage it differently while allowing Our spirits To ghitis and move us lobau retain self-discipline awesome. See when a gone through your profiling Your website. I come of this particular question. This bit. the events tactic okay. So been delivering lord of innards leader. Right so how what would be one specific thing. You look at from the leaders who bring a such a wonderful amazing dynamic environment Okay what's the one came. She more time. What is the one thing that we would recommend for leaders used fortune. Five hundred companies. I think that you have to pull in the power of your team. You're not a good leader. Knows that they are stronger together. And so you have to learn how to capitalize on that talents of capitalizing on talent is incredibly worked because of that talent that outside talent on that comes in and not doesn't mean talents always agree with you in fact i think you actually get more from talent. That may challenge you right and not take you on the same path and so again capitalize on your talent premier team members in knowing how to delegate us so that they can maybe take the organization in a direction that you might not have thought of but there's a direction to make a lot of money or Perhaps expand your product line of presidents darker haters. Been a big part because we do a lot of fortune. Five hundred corporation events and so we see that they do utilize their teams more now and especially in today's marketplace before it used to be just that top tier now it's a team that's evolving together. their shooting ideas together there. Sometimes we also have no in step back is leaders Rv'er your team lead a Largest biggest leadership that we worked at. We've seen across our the generals in the military and some of the top. Ceo's and the best leaders lebron or not able to laugh absolves. They go take themselves so seriously. There's joy in their work and even though you know that they're in charge There is a up a type of camaraderie that they have people that work with and that opens their door and that means when our challenges when there are problems or even off that their staff employs feel free to go in and share that information. If you're afraid of your boss if you're the ceo you're not often into the honest with them. So i think it's a it's a ability also to find join. You work not take yourself so seriously. Yeah that's the biggest. Oh i mean you know when we have a general one stage singing man. I feel like a woman in front of his troops. Only got one hundred fifty thousand guys laughing because not one moment he becomes a real human being. He's no longer opt to your boss. General and also. We found that a lot of people have nicknames in the military and that one moment they all lose their nickname understand. It represents or state humphry community other hometown. Their know mom and dad other their family and in that one global moment it becomes so clear that they even there anymore. You've taken them back home and everybody in that whole unit and and at the same time while laugh at so laughter is a good thing. It brings joy to people and being able to do that for us. In forty three countries it music has been a universal language. That makes everybody saw. I think it to ask who went. Question would avoid you abandoned music at senior website. got phenomenal awards winnings in the bank. And i true. I truly truly see the pictures. How glamorous and amisi so how this so this bad through. We just very how this help you in extracting your web yoed getting creativity out from you. How did the band help us of become crater. Yes okay so you are embassador. Will i mean we started as a corporate group that you know realize that we re doing something bigger when we were asked to start doing the Military tourists in with the. Us state department is it will get into his on sheba. Wanted things that we do also music professionally. And so with don. I have found. Is that we again. We bring other writers. We like to work with other people because they have different perspectives. On the way the music should be put together. The weighing of words should be written. I was were writing a song for the our last album for the book Called halfway from nowhere. About my time in san francisco. And i just there was a line. I couldn't come up with. It was actually a out busking and and you know having my making my money busking on the street with my guitar case open and my my geno friend said waiting for that last dollar of luck. I'm like wow. That's it. I lived it and i couldn't figure it out in writing that sentence but he figured out like that and not lines actually in my book waiting for that last dollar of luck which speaks to you know could lead the warp. I needed to make that money of course and we know got robbed and lost my money but not missing handing out literally. It was his creativity and his ideas actually brought that to the forefront so working again with talent they bring their own talents and their own gifts to us. We just finished. The last pollen are albums called. Give give my broken abry. We wrote that with rock and reggie vision and he wrote billion dollar babies with alice cooper. So you know it's like we've been able to really rally around this song writers you know and and then put that out there with our out in the field of blue the book and then of course the songs also coincide with walk. We'd like to work with people that are better better than us. We like to people that do that. Do songwriting better than we do. That might be better musicians that we are. We want to surround ourselves the best of show and we learn from were.

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