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Scott's late I'd like to stay up on current events. You need to know whether it's backups or something like that. You listen to WSB always in the WSB part of my routine. Clark Howard avoids paying big bucks to replace major appliance. After more stories make Atlantis Morning news Here's Marcie Williams and John Take about him. He was a Hall of Fame pitcher and a longtime voice of the brain down the left field line headed for the corner is it is it it's gone. Yard is Harvard. You can't believe the dugout. Don Sutton has died at 75 after a long battle with cancer WSB state Baker spent years with Sutton is part of those Braves broadcast here on WSB. You hope that they have these stories. You want to hear these stories. This is what makes it so cool to hang around with these guys. And don didn't disappoint. He had stories of a sudden never lost his generous character and humble personality. Despite all of his success is the first time since 2008. The Falcons introduce a new coach and general manager at the same time. No, is the GM, he did not hire his new coach, Arthur Smith. I didn't even know each other, but it's been a quick connection. The most critical factor is to have the right leader of man. Terry and I started talking, and we shared the same values and that's big. And for both. One of those values seems to be humility. So if you think you've got all the answers, you're gonna get a humble and this legal help you quick. I'm continually. I'm like anybody on me. I want to learn something from them. They will have equal say on the roster, and neither will commit to how Matt Ryan, Julio Jones fit into Atlanta salary cap problems. J Black $95.5. Us. My business is booming and Henry County, but it does not come without some growing pains. Commissioner Bruce Home says Henry County has been attracting warehousing on steroids. 35% of county economic growth Over the past 15 years has come from warehouses and large distribution centers. But big rigs air clogging streets, one resident told The Atlanta Journal Constitution. It's never an isolated truck. It seemed to be sent out 20 at the time. So the county's floating the idea of a zoning moratorium in hopes of attracting other types of development. Chris Camp 95.5 WSB President Trump's reportedly floating the idea of starting a new political party. The Wall Street Journal says he's discussed the possibility of forming the Patriot Party with associates. Forming a new party would be difficult and would require a lot of time and resource is the mutual reports. It's unknown how much support the plan would have, despite the president's dedicated base some Republicans where he could further fracture the party. Nobody has produced 56 55. It is five minutes till seven. Before here, Clark Howard. Let's check Weather and traffic. Today's forecast. Here's WSB meteorologist Clark Millers for today. Mix of sunshine and clouds High 54 low around 39. 48 degrees. Now Mark McKay is monitoring the morning.

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