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Flooding affected that area as well. Quite a bit since we had a day loser rain that came through. And that's the good news. People in the area to be patient. If you see our crews continuing to respond. Inge over if you can. So they can get there. I was one of our biggest issues getting the crews to the scene of where this was because they were stuck in traffic. Like everyone else. Unfortunately, dad's spokesperson Matt bruning currently over one thousand five hundred people are waking up without power this morning. American electric power says restoration crews are hard at work, repairing the lines. They hope to have everyone restored by later today and Ohio mandates headed to prison for the overdose death of his daughter. A judge sentenced to Anthony Worthington to nearly thirteen years behind bars. He pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter last month in the death of one year old Reagan, she died after ingesting Fenton all at his home. A Fulmer twins Berg teacher is now awaiting sentencing for having sex with a student lower Boosie pled guilty yesterday to sexual battery charges. Summit county. Prosecutors say Busey had sex with a student inside her school classroom last year. And a former Franklin township police officer is getting prison time for kicking a suspect a judge sentenced, Robert wells to one year and one day behind bars after he plead guilty to federal charges that he deprived the man of his constitutional rights and then try to cover it up. Video of the incident shows wells kicking the suspect in the head as another officer held the man's hands behind his back. WTVN sports, Columbus clippers rained out last night at Huntington park their game with Rochester called in the fifth inning, all tied up at one clippers and Red Wings will pick it back up at twelve oh, five today as part of a double header Thursdays. Regularly scheduled game will be short into seven innings first pitch in game. Two will be thirty minutes after the conclusion of game one last night in Texas. The Indians piled five runs on the Rangers in the first inning alone. Try would go on to win ten to four earlier on Wednesday. Jesse Winker walked off on the Astros to give the reds a three two win and this afternoon team USA wraps up group play in the women's World Cup against Sweden. Kickoff from France's three PM from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric researcher NewsRadio six ten.

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