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So what's your plan today got four boats going out and they're all headed to the biloxi marsh two of them are texans my group from texas so they're definitely going to go through plastics at refuse and the other two boats have some live shirt and they're gonna let us inspect trout as well as redfish so that's why they're heading in that direction they'll probably do the live under a coke and the texans will be thrown spinners and spoons that kind of stuff it's a good week i still up and down the mr go fishing live bait on the ledge is in the box and the drop offs and i'm still averaging between fifteen thirty trout at a few redfish mixed them here and there so clings a moving things are moving along just fine it'd be nice if the lake with all of a sudden pick up and i could cut my drivetime down to about ten minutes spoon i through the spoon today out of the kayak and that was a great to use this week due to the wind just throw so nice but hopefully the wind will be a little quieter today and take it easy marsh can get a little bumpy when it's blown out there there's a small west wind i'm standing on the dock facing west and there was a light west wind at the moment and i'm i'm pretty certain by ten o'clock that's gonna drop down so we've you know instructed everybody to be leery of nats where you long sleeves and long pants or your amber roaming whichever way you heard the nats were really bad this week in areas that didn't enjoy wind right the natural always biting the natural decision and then we certainly have a lot of fish mike bates situation in your area robbie's telling us not only the small he's planning on running out this morning because of demand and he's gonna start dragging his net locally next week but they're having shrimp brought in from the empire bureaus area they bring them in by truck in a big tank and when i pulled up at five o'clock i saw the truck go by so i'm certain that they just got a shipment i'm sure they got thousands of shrimp at the marinas the key a couple of weeks that yeah that's what i was going with that.

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