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Holders left Afghanistan today either by air or overland saga or Megane. Washington. Boston Public schools Superintendent Brenda Castle Ius is now licensed to do her job, silly assist, temporary license. It lapsed in July after she failed to take the test in the two years since becoming the Boston superintendent, Education Commissioner Jeffrey Lightly Reactivated her temporary license until she got results of her latest exam, which took in mid August. The Globe reports that Chris Ilias has now passed the state's licensing exam, receiving her license to run the state's largest school. Districts. Two brothers from Bow, New Hampshire were killed in a car crash this morning. First, Greater Gavin will let an 11th grader Nicholas will that were killed in that crash on I 89 Tom Willett, who was the district school resource officer also was taken to the hospital. Following that crash. The school district has cancelled all after school activities today and from until seven o'clock tonight. The high school field is open for Members of the community to gather and mourn students in Massachusetts and across the country, pausing this morning to reflect on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. WBC TVs. Lease aggression, spoke with students in need them about how they understand the significance of the day even though they weren't alive the day the attacks happened. Needham's Pollard Middle school, participating in the national moment of silence to honor the lives lost on 9 11. But first an announcement for everyone to hear you may wonder how you and your middle school student information line In Berkeley and understand this tragedy behind the mic eighth graders Brianna Sick Meyer and Beta Rosen and seventh grader Mia Marashi. My father, Bob is a very tired I'm five Thank God I'm married, Proud of everything here for all of us Any together the students learning about the tragic events that took place 20 years ago, the anniversary tomorrow, and President Joe Biden will be visiting all three sites associated with September 11th tomorrow. The World Trade Center site in New York City, the Pentagon as well as the crash site of United 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. 503 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We had to my king who has been watching well, lot of traffic. Really? Yeah, we're in the middle of a busy afternoon Russian Friday afternoon, Ben, It's no good on the upper end of 1 28 North. Head delays coming up past the mass pike and then from winners straight up through Lexington. At least 15 minutes to go there Another 20 minutes from three a up into Wakefield, where it's all stop and go to southbound delays. Awful one AM Beverly Down into Peabody. Delays are 93 North, originate on the second bridge and reach right up into Medford. It's tough again Rub 1 33 up past River Road and and over the backup on Rue One starts a little after Route 16 and board 95 North. Dont get these on again off again Delays from Chelmsford all the way into Mithun. Let's check the status of that lower end of 1 28 with the Needham Bank traffic copter. Well, Mike, I do have some good news to report here. We had to dealing with the crash 1 28 north and right before the off ramp to Highland Avenue in needed so, basically just about underneath Kendrick Street. That just cleared about a minute and a half ago, the last of the out. The scene, which was to state police cruisers just pulled away, so everything is added there. But traffic on the North downside is backed up beyond 1 35 now so everybody was looking at this factory. Nine. It. It stays slow after the earlier scene all the way down toward East Street, Westwood. Kristen back in the need of Bangkok turned the South. Dont expressways just awful coming out of the tunnel really all the way to the split and then getting over the 24 North Bong bad from Braintree, a passing upon its circle and a standstill coming up towards the tunnel of centerline breakdown. It's just moved off to the right. My king. WBC's traffic on the three had a few showers around the area. We will at least through the rest of the afternoon into the early evening. Some of these pop up showers been some Recently in north Central Massachusetts..

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