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Top two mid major teams right now. I would say, well, I have Charleston shouts to Charleston, Charleston was 19th in my May 19 the last team in my power rankings there. Pat Kelsey has done a really nice job. They are not, you know, they're not top 50 in Ken Tom right now. I think they're somewhere in the 90s. But there are 12 and one with an 11 one record against division one competition. The only loss came at North Carolina and they played well in that game. They've beaten the likes of Davidson, Colorado state, Virginia tech, Kent State. So they've done pretty well for themselves overall. I'm going to take this question I mean schools outside of, I'm going to say outside of the WCC mountain west a ten. Even though there are many mid majors there, I want to try and get to what I think more of what the spirit of your question was there. Another one that's been good so far this season is Florida Atlantic. It's 40th in Ken Palmer as we speak right now only loss is at old mess has a win over Florida on the resume and that is a road win as well. So dusty may, former Florida assistant from a predicted metric standpoint, C USA team, 48 right now, heading into Christmas. That's quite aberrational overall. And that was not the team from that conference that was expected to be the noisiest team. It was UAB. Maybe north Texas. Those teams are right behind at UAB right now, ten and two north and Texas is ten and two as well. So those are the two that stand out for me. Any mid major that's caught your eye other than those through the first 7 weeks of the season GP. Well, yeah, like if we're taking New Mexico off the board, San Diego date off the board. And we're really focusing more on schools outside of conferences like the American, all the power 5s, the biggies, the mountain west, the WCC, then I do think Florida Atlantic is a great one. UAB is a good one north Texas is a good one. It's got three top 55 Kim Kong teams. The American only has two. And you know, I'm drawing a line there, like if I said top 60, it'd be three and three, I think. But what I said is true. CSA has more top 55 Kim pom teams right now than the American event, but a conference does. I would go in that direction, jelly walker has been terrific again. And UAB looks like a team from a mid major conference that can get into the NCA tournament and really scare somebody. Colin McDonald writes, I came across the feed in 2017 and I've listened to every single pod since. I was listening to northlanders take on Villanova being a blue blood and I agree with him. However, it begs the question that if a program can play their way into blue blood status over time, as Villanova, I argued previously. They also have to be able to play their way out as much as I am sure there will be blowback on this. It is time that the fabled Indiana hoosiers get dropped from the conversation. Let's look at the numbers Indiana has not won a national championship since 87 have not had a number one team in more than ten years and are not even the best program in their own state. Purdue has more Big Ten titles, more all Americans leads the head to head series by a substantial margin. I am not arguing that Purdue is a blue blood program, but this illustrates that this greatest Indiana once was, those days have come and gone. Off the top of my head, Michigan, Michigan state, Arizona perdue Baylor Gonzaga are all better programs currently than Indiana agree or disagree on this premise, by the way, GP additionally, someone named Mark show bot sent in a novella, which I'm not reading. He basically wanted to know why Yukon isn't a blue blood or considered one. He tagged his question with PS. There were more of you than there are of me, but I don't have child support. Thank you, Mark, for that. Now this is interesting because I did make the case that was a blue blood and I stand by that. Should teams be able to eventually be kicked out of the club there. While I think the answer perish should be yes, it almost feels like the tradition, the nostalgia, the history, then almost fuels the interest in college sports, prevents a school from ever fully being pulled away. That chair is not getting pulled away from that table. If Indiana doesn't make the NCAA tournament for the next 8 years, and then, you know, 15 years from now, it's finally back in a final four, right? It's going to be the Indian. I just don't know if they're ever going to be taken out of that consideration of like one of these historical powers. But it is an intriguing question. And when you consider right now, Arizona is a better program. Gonzaga, for sure. Baylor, I can't say, I can't say Michigan has a close case Michigan state as well. What are your thoughts on that? I think debating whether somebody's a blue blood or not is a lot like debating Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Like you can make, is Indiana, blue blood or not. Let's debate it. And you can make good points on both sides and you're not changing anybody's mind.

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