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The ice in practice and you get better every day and that will lead to the shared goal and the probably the best example. I can give you that right now. Kyle Clifford he did everything last year. Yeah you should crowding showed up every day to get better and if you look at his season than he was <hes> he challenged young guys challenge the older guys but he wanted to be better because he knew the the outcome the future. Oh come so we expect that of him again and we. We need more guys doing exactly what he was doing. You know there's an aspect of team that that we call teaming and that's coming together as a team to achieve this goal and and that's what I talk about all these departments and you hear from some of them tonight the scouting department development. The coaching the analytic department that we all have to be together in this now. We're we're a much more integrated group. That includes not only players but the scout the development analytics coaches trainers the player health and wellness. I saw all this has to be on the same page for this to work and that's why we're all here publicly displaying but internally for the last two or three months this is what we're we're building the vision is to build a contender and and to do the same language from from the staff to the coaches to the players players <hes> from the NHL team to the American League team to the players who are recently drafted. You know we have to have the same vision. We have to be universal and transparent throat. This is what what we're doing. We're building a team for to contend in the future. We have done the same timeframe very disciplined in in time in patients needed to execute this. There's going to be ups. UPS and downs are already has and it is not going to be smooth and but we have to be very disciplined in an executing this we need to quickly identify the talents Skills Gilles in the hopes of of our teammates and a lot of this is a players. Oh when they get together they have four or five days before the first exhibition game. They've got the young guys the old well guys the veterans. The ones have been around. They gotTA prove to each other exactly what their talents are how they're going to share and how they're going to build the team. We have to build the future. We know we we can create but none of us can do alone so that's what we're here for. We want to share this with you guys now. How do we make sure this teaming in this whole process goes well. I think the one thing we really need to be humble and the challenge ahead. We need to ask questions. We need help. <hes> like I said not. One Department has the answers you have to share all that Knowledge College within this organization. We have to be curious about other what others bring analytics so. How is that going to help our draft. How's it going to help our development. How will help our coaching staff off the different philosophies different adopting different coaching styles. Is A game changes a strength training. How are these players going to get better. Everybody trains but wh what are the different techniques is. GonNa take above everybody else and and the health and the recovery of players and and a lot of that has a mental health ingredient included in we have to be have all these resources available for our players. We have to be willing to take the risks and learn quickly and listened to by all means..

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