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It and and and this guy killed him when they were sleeping he's he stalked sleeping homeless people and jumped on i'm stabbing them to death techniques and twenty five year old guy and he confessed to the to the january twenty fifth killing of sabha alsaad i am i am not an observer of this kind of thing so all offhand wayne the lawsuits going to be filed today how fast as orange county settle on this thing part of the problem is we still don't know exactly what happened in that cell but my guess is pretty quickly i don't think they want a jury to see this situation at all i dislike i say it's it never mind car thievery let's say you have a bunch of unpaid tickets and you get a five day the sentence or a 10day sentence and county that's not very uncommon and these days usually like an la county you go in for a couple of hours you come out because the real criminals are coming out of state funds but you go into assault with a guy who's a unadjudicated double killer whose fr who should stop giving he has he's fresh avesta give and you're snoring to louder you don't he doesn't like the look of you and the us of dead he if it turns out that he had any kind of implement that he got in there like a shank or shiv yeah touch as lucky luciano had at alcatraz bright then they you will settle even faster and four more money poked out the bitches eyes so there's also an an utter of you've ever heard this before but i i have a friend in the california department corrections and in a lot of rural counties in california if the county is filled up county jail filled up they will send overflow.

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