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Fenway park tomorrow it benefits abc these summer worked program which provide summer jobs for low income kids in other news the operation to retake the town of tell a far west of mozell from the islamic state group began this morning the telephone and the surrounding area is one of the last pockets of isis held territory in iraq after victory was declared in july mozell the country's second largest city the town of kelo far about one hundred fifty kilometers east of the syrian border sits along a major roadblock once a key supply route a second police officer in florida has died from his injuries suffered in a shooting friday night in kissimmee that took the life of his partner sergeant sam howard died yesterday afternoon at a hospital howard and his colleague officer matthew baxter were on routine patrol friday night when they got into a scuffle with a suspect named edward miller he was later arrested at a bar the two officers were working in a neighborhood known for drug activity miller is facing first degree murder charges for the death of baxter authorities have not yet said what charges he could face for howard's death a comedian who mixed jokes with politics has died i'm tom foty bicker agree was one of the first why comedians to break through the white audiences in the early 1960s when asked audio a black person calmly was not permitted to work white nightclubs big part of the gregory's early fame came from his appearances were trucked par on the tonight show pop culture expert robert thompson said he wouldn't go on the tonight show one left he was invited to the couch next the jack par par agreed to that in that will save big moment in american television and very early on civil rights activism was a big part of dick gregory's iraq he died here he was eighty four tom foty cbs news washington manchester new hampshire police are cracking down on gangs after a fight at the mall of new hampshire in june that was caught on surveillance video police are intervening by creating a gang prevention unit officers are reaching out to at risk youths at boys and girls clubs and the ymca to start conversations on the dangers of gang activity the date the gang unit has arrested more more than thirty people and seized guns and a knife several teens who associate themselves with gangs were involved in the.

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