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My favorite play for the weekend and it's not a banger, because I don't treading lightly this bowl season, but it's Notre-Dame and it's come down a little bit the sharp money's on the pokes and the concerns me a little bit, but I just think when you're handicapping a little bit of effort, I think Notre-Dame is the safe play because of what that reaction and the locker room with Marcus Freeman when they announced that he would be the permanent replacement to Brian Kelly. So promoted the defense supporting the team went nuts. They love them. I think they'll run through a brick wall for the guy. I don't trust oaky state. They missed golden opportunities inside the 5 to perhaps get to the college football playoff. We're not a 100% sure they would have gone there with a win over Baylor in the big 12 championship game. But, you know, you could assume that, but either way, they're thinking that and squandered opportunity. And I just don't know how much of them will be focused on practice the last few weeks. And I don't think they're that great. I think their quarterback mediocre, above average, I should probably say. And I just think they have a lot of holes and I don't trust Gundy and big games typically, although they did deliver against bedlam. Great. I would play Notre-Dame in that spot as well. I think their defense is going to be flying all over the field. Three plays for New Year's Day that I'll rattle off real quick. Arkansas minus two and a half over Penn State Penn State open is a one point favorite, get this before it gets to three. All right, Penn State dropped 5 of their final 7 coming into this game. Everyone always talks about Penn State. They're in all these close games though. They're so close. Yes, and they're all losses. Like every time they're in a close game, they lose. Let's keep that in mind. If this is a close game, they're probably going to lose. There's a bunch of players that aren't going to be playing, whether it's NFL opt outs or other reasons. James Franklin, since he took over at Penn State, is three and three in bowl games, nothing special. Arkansas hasn't been in a bowl game since 2016. They're gassed up to be here. They're coming in hot. They won for their final 5. The lone loss was at Alabama by only 7 points when they were 20 and a half point under dogs. So I like Arkansas to get it done minus two and a half. Rose bowl, favorite player of the day. You told plus the four overall Ohio State, play them on the money line as well. One 9 of their final ten games ever since they made the quarterback switch to cam rising. They've been much better on offense. They're coming in first ever rose bowl appearance. Only their third major bowl game ever. They had a sugar bowl appearance on a fiesta bowl appearance and neither one of those was any time in the recent decade, okay? So this is a big spot for Utah. Ohio State. Number one in scoring. Number one in yards per play, but that's not what this offense is coming in. No Garrett Wilson, no chrysalis, one of the starting offensive tackles opted out for the draft as well. One of their starting D line monopod out. I like you taught to get it done in the rose bowl. And then at night and the sugar bowl, failure, oldness, over 56. Baylor's defense is legit, only gave up 19 points per game. Some people may think I'm crazy here. Matt corral is starting at quarterback for old mist. Lane KIPP's had a month to prepare for this defense, old miss is going to find a way to score. And Baylor loves to run the ball. They're going up against an old mist defense that ranks outside the top 100 and run defense. I think Baylor finds a way to score as well. So you told mine it's four in the rose bowl, Baylor oldness, over 56 and the sugar bowl, Arkansas minus two and a half over Penn State and what should be renamed the Penn staple, but it's still known as the outback wall. I'm glad you mentioned that the Baylor game. I really like the illness in this game. I don't think Baylor's quarterback's going to be healthy. I just haven't heard a lot on what's going on over there. So I'm just not sold that he's healthy. And, you know, I like old to your point about lane having to prepare and all this stuff. I just don't I don't know what I'm getting with the bears. And so because of that, I just feel more confident and I think all mess is really good. I've been on them a lot this year. So I'm gonna have to back them here. But. I just don't trust Baylor. I just don't think they're very good. I'm chasing money because I lost a bunch against them. But that's my other bold play that I'm glad you brought up. 'cause I was one that had been coming, going back and forth on. But anyways, man, I think that does it for us because there's not a whole there's just not a lot in the NBA. We can kind of there's so many moving parts right now. I think this is a football game. We like so hard to handicap dude. So hard right now. You had to wait till the last possible second. Yeah. And that's sometimes the best approach, right? That's what you have to do. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Happy new year to you. Happy new year to Parker, our producer today. Happy new year. Everyone listening. Obviously, it's been a trying year for many trying couple years to be honest, but we made it through thanks to sports and sports betting and we'll see you guys 9 a.m. eastern Sunday morning on ESPN2 with our first show of 2022..

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