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That's all nineteen year old midfielder Mattia newsy joined from French second division job Laurie. Twenty two year old Uruguayan international. Lucas Tara a rifle from some Doria, both of whom have been successes in my view and double-whammy Gabrielle McCarty almost Symon taniwha dropped this article explaining why Amri said rather curiously last week that he could only make loan signings. In January and short refers to the decisions made last January on the money pumped into signing a bomb Yang McAteer Jons contract and re signing Ozil only one of the three of these moves have worked out, and it's a three year plan. That's going to see them hemorrhage one hundred fifty nine million dollar and if they sell os. Zil? They're never getting back the value. No, no. These guys are all in their late twenties. And that's why Aren Ramsey had to go. So you're looking at this here. I am re has no honeymoon period. He what he has I guess, but he's going to have to make the best of this. And this challenge for top four with what he's got. He's going to have to prove himself as a top manager this pretty dire stuff. These contracts are not nearly in their final stages. That's a lot of money to go out. When will ask they'll be able to sell again on a point that's made by Gabrielle Mikati in his piece is that it's not like cranky, flashed the cash, even when they have a lot of money. This is yes, it's bad you want. If you watch that team against West Ham at the weekend. They are short three four five defenders, maybe you wouldn't have necessarily thought. Now, I know that those are big name players. But like would you have thought that it would debilitate the club for at least a year moving forward? The money is owned believable the wages. I'm by the way, they only hear about his movie money being injected into clubs and arsenal. Or one of the richest clubs in the world. I mean, but there within the I guess they're operating within the constraints of of of the club itself of what the owner wants to do on. This just doesn't jive also was interro nine million. And he wanted twenty million a year, and they gave him close to that. According to the article. He doesn't play it's wild. It's obsolete. Oil and you're wondering if he's going to get the crack of the whip he thought he'd get up the club doesn't doesn't seem like it right now caught off sides man of the match JJ. My man of the match is Petter check. We talked about him a little bit earlier with David Preece, but I've got some more and we're gonna play. Check trivia dots. That's unfair. Why these are all with the exception of maybe one of these. These are eminently get I'm just not in. Okay. Go on. I have read known of the of going to say eulogies to check. He's not dead. But I've I've read known of the the tributes to him. So I'm not up on my stats. He will be retiring at the end of the season, by the way, this is not an immediate retirement. He's gonna play the rest of the year. All right here, we go check has two hundred and two clean sheets all time. That's most in primarily history. Who's number two on that list? Peter schmeichel. No, David, James. David James played till he was forty across how many jobs as they say in baseball. He's a compiler who are you mad at he's a compiler number two better. Check is one the primer league's golden gloves award four times. It's the award given out for keeper with the most clean sheets and a season this award started in oh four oh five by the way. I should say that could help you that can help you. He's won this award four times. One other keeper has also wanted four times. Can you name that keeper? A little tricky. Now vendors are no now when you say it's not like, what am I supposed to do with that? Is that your answer? Or are you cheating on I? Joe hart. Joe hard, by the way, Burnley have one three on the bounce. It's been drawn just saying number three Pedder check. Where's protective headgear? Of course after scary collision with this player from back in two thousand six Stephen hones. That's correct of reading accident. Marino called him a wolf you're on the board number four Chelsea signed Pedder check from this French club in two thousand four who know that..

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