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Newsradio KLBJ. I'm John Cooley. This news a service of factory mattress, the central Texas regional mobility authority says twenty seven percent of the drivers who use their pay by mail option for tolls refused to pay. It's something the Texas transportation commission recently cracked down on Commissioner. Jeff Austin says toll roads are not a God, given right? If you enter one of these roads, it is a choice. So tomorrow CDR may will consider a habitual violator program of its own that could include full bands trespassing charges and vehicle registration halt CPR may says allowing drivers you continue to use without paying drives up the cost for everyone else. Austin's police department beat the national average in solving violent crime cases, the latest crime and traffic report shows ABC solve more than double the murder cases than average more than half. That's rape cases. But did see a dip in solving robbery cases down by two percent to thirty three. Based startup says it will protect you from rogue. Drones. Michael Cohen heads up drones of pray. The company is coming out with software that will allow companies farmers and operators of power plants to determine who's flying drones over their property. You know, is it a hobby is someone with criminal intent who is looking to engage in something like corporate espionage. Or is it a potential violent actor like a tariff, then Cohen's a software will enable what he calls a predator drone fly upping capture the intruder drown. And the city of Austin is raising its poll entry fees for all city on balls, including Barton springs, beginning in October the fee for adults will be raised to five dollars for people who live in the city people visiting from out of town will be charged nine dollars. The city says the additional revenue is expected to generate more than one million dollars for maintenance repairs and upgrades James radar weather, watch hot and humid this afternoon, clouds and sun with a high of ninety two then partly cloudy, low seventy.

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