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Children. Man's hunt can be. That can win cook. Was that your son. In fact this is. My son has on the youngest one of my children so he was crying because they think fair went to the house in all of us cried in the twelve thirty. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm yeah reauthorize. I'm just wondering about your children. And when you think about the future your children will inherit what occurs to you. We actually this is more difficult now. We are thinking about. What are we to stay alive or not So we maybe we stop thinking about the future or the future of my sons. All the schools have stopped. You know nothing is taking place but now that the people are not thinking about this. They are thinking about whether the regime forces moved or advanced towards settling to go. This is the most the most important thing which we are thinking about their off. I'll shake teaches English at Illit University. Thank you really appreciate it and dusty safe. We're thinking of you. Thank you very much and they thank you very much. The trump administration has expanded. Its travel ban to six more countries. One of them is Nigeria. The largest economy in Africa students and travelers from Nigeria are still eligible for visas and are welcome to visit the US but any Nigerians hoping to emigrate to this country are being denied visas. Houston public media's Elizabeth Trove Hall has more on how the sizable Nigerian community in Texas is dealing with. These new rules see. He'd says he can't wait to begin his new life as a married man. He shows me a video.

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