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Salesforce dot com slash 3 60. Never wait for weather Get the storm Teammate forecast of the top at 30 past each hour on news radio w F L A Warm, muggy and breezy through the day today, our high of 81 degrees is above average, but this is out ahead of the cold front will be passing through this evening. Watch for line of showers, even a couple of thunderstorms overnight into early tomorrow morning, But by sunrise, the rain is all gone. It'll start to get cooler will start tomorrow at 62, but only hit 72 in the afternoon with a cool breeze at much lower humidity. Pleasant on Saturday at 73 wins will be strong on the water South winds 10 to 20 and season 2 to 4 FT. I'm Max defender right meteorologist Lise van. The UV index is eight right now. Mostly cloudy 69 degrees in ST Petersburg, 71 in seminal and 72 after severe weather Station news, radio w F L A Next up day to day 15 on Chris drink then. Now you're informational cast of characters. Jack Harris, Aaron Jacobson. Katie ButI know and Natalie A quail. Leah, This is am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F l A Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay here a 10 minutes after eight. And our number 809 699352. If there's something you want to talk about We got plenty to talk about this morning, and the first thing we're gonna do is bring out Daisy Ash and get that traffic. Hey, Jack, from the Florida Central Credit Union, home Loans, Traffic Center stuff. Slow Traffic West Battle I four from the Celtic connector into 2 75 watch for debris in the right lane north, but not to 75 around Ashley Canter Road 39th close with the crash investigation between Keys, Ville Road and Thompson Road. Also a direct on.

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