Nicki Menaj, Paul Mccartney, Egypt Station discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


Bad ass girl kicking ass they don't really want you to focus on her asks mickey manashe nicki menaj so they're asking people to please stop focusing on the wrong part of the movie okay okay paul mccartney released two new songs yesterday and nounce that new album called egypt station will be coming out september seventh so if you're a fan very exciting news the new ninja turtles movie in the works so get ready for that one and i don't know if you checked out the tonight show but it was really cool p davidson was on there talking about ari arianna guerande and he was so cute talking really made you feel like he really likes new really cares about her here he's talking about the tattoo that they got for their engagement to yes yeah i've seen it on the news i did too once currently the news read old new yeah what we talk about this for the fourth no you can't say that we're on television hey man you asked me to be on here i don't do these things visits y you know the rules and tell you very poor i know did you get fired from now i can't get fired from your show and he was also talking about how people come up to him on the street in like give him kudos for for getting around 'grande it's so funny to walk down the street because like dudes walk by and they're like derek jeeter commercial tiring and everybody goes tips his hat if that some do me like oh man you like gave me hope.

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