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Just drink. Budweiser you clench, it he spilling guarded. You. Sacrifice it to the foul ball gods pile it on you, raise it here city. Your team your family wherever legendary moments happened. Budweiser will be there and before every sip comes a moment worth celebrating. The official beer of spring training. Please drink responsibly. Budweiser beer Anheuser Busch, St Louis, Missouri. Bourbon Ford's March madness sales event is happening. Now, save thousands of MS RPM on f one fifty explorer, Mustang and escape with zero percents financing available for seventy two months on select models. And we don't have what you're looking for. We'll fight. Don't miss your chance to save big stop by urban Ford and get the best deals of the year before they're gone fine firm and four twenty minutes from west chase downtown Tampa, Saint Petersburg, just one miles south of countryside. Molly Clearwater or online twenty four seven and Berman or dot com. We don't go through brokers for wholesalers. We go straight to the cutters International Diamond Center owner, Keith LeClair. You cannot get any closer to the source, then International Diamond Center with tremendous buying power and international connections that go back over thirty five years IDC can easily guarantee the best diamond value. We know the cutters were affiliated with the beers. And we have the ability to do things ordinary jewelry store. Just simply can't do we refuse to be beat on any diamond any price anywhere. Period, period. So there you have it local diamond experts with international connections over fifty thousand diamonds in stock all shapes and sizes all certified by the most reputable gem labs on the planet..

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