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Gophers they had to go on the road for the playoffs. So it was a tough skid rate. They're losing those four games. But now there's a little bit of an opportunity for some redemption this coming weekend. I've heard about last year at the end. Numerous times. And I think I think it was great for our guys to be you know, when we won the Saturday game here when Penn State was here for that group the older, especially the older guys. To know that they can. And and they got back on top of them an opportunity force one. They would just bet at home for four here. Get back to and two in the in the games and kind of all over the map in Penn State. Just gives us an opportunity now. You know, get back on the road. Sometimes it is. It's good to go on the road. And and, you know, Pat, you know, for sure, and it brings you together as a team and dial it in and of course, they're a dangerous hockey team. How they get up and down the radio. I think it's great going to that building. It'll be you know, a packed house. It'll be energy, you know, hopefully that you know, that that in itself is going to. Get everybody pumped to play and and you split with this team before. And you know, here you go. I mean, it it's not like you're playing a team either. That's killing the league right now either. They're they're like, yeah. They're like all teams right now is is anyone's looking for a little traction outta move. Now, we we did that a few weeks back when we won three straight. All of a sudden, we gain traction in holding still holding you in the second spot. Now. Some teams have some games at hand honest. We we've got to win some more games to solidify how high we're gonna stay in the standings. No question. And now Michigan state's made a move. They've they've won a few games. They beat us twice. And I think they nine there's one. Five. Michigan state's the team that that that's the traction that a team looks you wanna find little traction. But for us right now our penalty kill is a great job. We did on the penalty kill this week. Our guys in strong goaltending. But to five on three kills Saturday night. And and so going against Penn State. We're going to be tested with their penalty. Kill to stay strong special teams battle on the road right now that's going to be tested at a new level back on the road, which has been so strong forest, and we'll go back to what we were talking in the first segment. I just we have to be a team much more dialed into to team play right now in in. Not let them not let it turn into attract me is this a team. You know, I look at their team and then compared to -sconsin nortre Dame. And you know, you kind of know the style of play that that these teams have Penn State's will different. They're not the most skilled team in the world. They work extremely hard. They shoot the puck from everywhere. It's kind of scrambled. Do you have to prepare differently for a team? Like this. You do because they. I use the term the first time we played them watch them on film. And now that I've seen of they're dangerous because they play north very quickly. And when we say play north is they start the minute. They start even thinking they're going to touch a park. They've got guys screaming went to the neutral zone. Right. And and if you're late to the dance they're going to Bradman Russia's all night. And so there's two critical pieces of it is you've got to really have a hounding for check where they can't get their hands on pox, or you're you're either in Gogol mode or Nogo mode, Ray Goldman. Happy in between. State and I felt the first series here. The the the series we had here. Our guys were dialed in because we had high pressure, and then when we couldn't pressure we had great sense smart enough to to be back and we've seen that now out of a few teams in in in. And you have to see it a few times to to be to be ready for it. And and strong special teams play and be very disciplined inside of our five on five play. And I've I've heard you guys they're crowds post to be great. Well, we have to be a very smart hockey team and try to keep their crowd out of it. I want to get back to your special teams. Quick penalty kills me. Great is your power. Why is the power play Ben? So good. As of late in the in the last three four weeks Tommy Novak we moved them back at Christmas. And so now, you're on the point, and you just can't make that change overnight. Tommy like three or four weeks to get comfortable running the point. And he is he's running it at a high level. And then so now that but we had the pieces like ramp it look shoot at like, nobody's business. She he's got great field. You got gates in the middle. And then the addition we know we've kinda changed now with. Mcmanus down, and he's really finding a niche down there. He scored a couple of big he's getting assists. It's like all five guys. Now have really developed great chemistry. The next step for us. This is our second unit. We gotta get our second unit. Dial because they've got to come up. I unit. Scoring goals. I unit gets to stay on and get the thing done. And and we've got some we've got enough horses on that second unit to have them chip in. And we've got to get them chipped in because we're going to run into an off weekend with your bid it just happens. But I think our power play is there to stay strong the rest of the year, and we've been very consistent all year. Yeah. I felt from day one. We've that's because you have good talent. But to once we've moved timing in the back it put everybody in the right spot. And and it it's clipping at a pretty high rate right now. Yeah. That's it's eleven percent better than a year ago where things really struggled for this team to score on the power play. But boy as we get down the stretch here that that's worth special teams, become even more important. Don't they in these tight games you win their battle? You win the game. You play a that's what we've had two losses in the last couple of weeks where we have decisively won the special teams battle the loss. The game you rarely see the how and that that was because we scored three against Wisconsin. Give any up we lost that game for three that rarely happens in that was a night where we wanted a few those that that being dialed in defensively because that game to me. We put ourselves in a good position to win that game. You can't give up four goals on five on five play. And we did that Saturday night or powerplay scored two and we didn't give any up on the penalty kill. And yet we found a way to lose that game tight. And and so it's happened to us a couple times recently. Where are special teams are doing their job? But we've got to do a better job keeping the puck out of the net. And I I really believe we're going to get back to that. I do what does it mean? Want to see this weekend? Besides a couple of wins over. That's it. That's it. All this Good Friday night. I, but, but I think I'm more anxious rate now in I'll go back, and I and I hope people can trust me on this is is you see this and hockey all the time. The National Hockey League level, you see it in college. When teams kind of go through, and I called it the dark days in January is one a lot of it hits. I can't wait for us to get out of it. And I think we've turned the corner we rounded third base for sure where we're going to get out of that in. And I thought Friday was a big win for Saturday was a big win for us to feel good about our, you know, get get our week going again and get back to just playing much more sound hockey with the confidence that we are doing from a little bit of officer standpoint right now. So that's. If I've got a the wishlist besides the winds is that that we start seeing real solid hockey.

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