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These are stacking their their front i green bay in terms of the receiver thing adding jimmy grabbing tight end and let it go jordy nelson just kind of flipping out one red zone target for another at this point in their careers you know i was surprised about the nelson move randall cobb might be a better candidate to go there the nelson especially knowing how arron rogers feels about jordy nelson but obviously that's the move they decided to make and that already locked up to volunteer atoms so yeah i mean i don't i the packers should bounce back the vikings should be good again bears are kind of on the come and the lines you know it was just kind of seemed to be the lies though they did get garrett book win the super bowl every year so maybe there's something there right maybe like if you sign the garrett's one that's not how much of an impact defensively because listen the line score points they've obviously got a lot on offense but but breeding defensiveminded head coach i know it's a players league still dan but how much impact do you think matt patricia will have on that defense overall terra lawson who was their defensive coordinator is no slouch well regarded so it's not as if you know the poorly coached unit but you know as a head coach and as the guy running the defense know my patricia will have a certain vision that he'll implement and then obviously the kids the extent to which he gets the players to buy into it and that's the that's the trick you know you're not hiring a guy because he coaches a certain system you're hiring a guy because he can he can motivate and lead and and i think that's patricia mission there so in terms of the way the detroit defense will look and not a lot of massive personnel changes and they'll they'll build around the the younger guys they have there but yeah i mean i think you know i i think it'll be fine i i think the interesting thing with the lions is just sort of can they take that next step you know when they've been good they've been kind of nine and seven they've had a reliable run game and i'm sure they'd like to do better on that end of it and see if they can score points in a greater variety of.

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