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As any canadian basketball fan will tell you the game was invented by a canadian james naismith who was born in almonte ontario for shot hoops in eighteen ninety one you may remember they made a heritage minute about it canadian joke sir stroke your hair we get a decent sean peach maybe we can carry a couple of steps administration racer sure's host things happened to climb up here every time well let's cut the bottom of the basket i need these baskets back sadly the cord where james naismith invented the game of basketball no longer exists and for years the oldest basketball court in the world was believed to be in paris but a few years ago local historians in the town of saint stephen new brunswick rediscovered a long forgotten court that is even older live set up an organization to preserve the court called canada i basketball and they have just agreed to purchase the building phone mcintyre is the group's general manager we reached him in saint andrews new brunswick how do you know that you have the world's oldest basketball court so we have a historian on our committee darren the kate who's been looking at this since twenty ten when we first discovered the floor and at that time we thought we might have place for the first basketball game was ever played in canada but we do know that there's why mta at that time in thrown on montreal where the first game was played what was the termined over that time though is this is the only place we know of that still exists from eighteen ninety three so we believe it's the oldest basketball court there is a newspaper article describing a game on october seventeen eighteen ninety three.

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