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Doubles. Silence. Make good. Gary, Ron and Keith on s and why I think there's twice in the game. Also the steal of home where Gary was left to say nothing but wow, mind Dr DP Top six. They're part of the three Nothing shutout loss in the nightcap of the doubleheader with the Marlins after they dropped the opener for Zip the sloppy defense in Game two. John Birdy, stealing all the bases on Juries Familia. And Ali Sanchez there, RoHaas agreeing with Keith Hernandez saying the steal of home with the bad exchange between the two was embarrassing. But he did say You gotta expect it from this Marlins team. Definitely aggressive baserunning. I mean, one of things that This thing, which this thing, which is this team we're playing against. I mean, they're aggressive, um, almost reckless to a point. I mean, that's how they play, he said it was negligence on their part defensively, got to get it cleaned up at the plate over 15 with runners in scoring position. 19, a left aboard in the two games, says they're just continuing to press in those situations. We just got away from our approach from our approach. Every time every time we have honestly scoring position and We just, you know, keep keep reinforcing. The kids keep repeating, repeating it to the team that we got to stay within our approach. When that happens, and you got the frustration with Seth Luego, he goes out his first start since being taken out of the bullpen and put into the rotation. He gives you three perfect innings. Five. K's on 39 pitches and they yank him out of there, RoHaas said before the game. He was good for 50 to 60 pitches, nothing about the innings. But as we found out afterwards, Luego was told he would go no more than two or three. So rough night, not the return to the field the Mets were looking for. But Dominick Smith preaching patients were playing hard. Like I said I was extremely proud of. You know our team effort, then I'm okay. And I know if we're playing our we're goingto mean good things will happen. Yeah. 162 games. Maybe right? Yes. Exactly. Like the games. They're critical man. You can't be swept at home in a doubleheader. I think they're on a 26 and 30 for pace right now for not mistaken when shut out. Well, they're gonna have to get to at least 500. Yes. No question. I would agree. One more from Smith thinks the Mets will be ready to respond in short order. I'm not here to make excuses, but I'm not gonna let these two days these two games in one day affect us and I know that will bounce back and we'll be ready to go in the next couple days. Got their ace on the mound tonight. Jacob deGrom opposed by Eleazar Hernandez, beginning at 7 10. Brody bandwagon and was supposed to join Joanne Evidence five o'clock today I'm told that has now been pushed to tomorrow at three PM so we'll hear from the G M. You can check him out tomorrow with the fellas. Perhaps that's a product of the assorted giants. That'll be. I don't know. I don't want to say that. Maybe because they've got giant scheduled today. Maybe that's scheduling conflict. Brody doesn't seem to be the type that would you know, ask out of that. So that's why we Trow agree. Yankees got rained out in Atlanta. They've now not play. They haven't played since last Thursday that have three doubleheaders over the next five days. Sarin Boone gearing up for all of it. 2020, baby, We gotta go. We gotta figure it out The challenge, you.

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