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Eric garners last words were i can't breathe can garner said eleven times i can't breathe while he was put in a chokehold and thrown to the ground by police officers and a street in staten island and july 17th 2014 the coroner's report said the cause of death was homicide d to compression of neck compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police i can't breathe became a rallying cry demonstrations protesting police brutality and the killing of black men by police garner is famous for how he died but few people know much about his life mattaya be is the author of the new book i can't breathe about garners life his gaffe the legal battles that followed and the policing policies that have led to the outrage expressed by the black lives matter movement one of tapie's previous books the divide was about the inequities between how the rich and the poor are dealt with by the american justice system is a contributing editor at rolling stone and covered the trump presidential campaign mezei be welcome to fresh air why did you want to right of that eric garner i didn't want to write a by eric garner i had no intention of of writing this book actually um uh what happened was uh on the day that the grand jury decided not to indict daniel panel who's the police officer involved in the infamous incident in which garner died on wednesday that they decided not to indict him uh there was a fury here in the city and there are a lot of protests and i live not far from staten island sort of curiosity i just decided to go over to the neighborhood were garner lived.

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