Senator Chris Murphy, Manigault Newman, Senator discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Connecticut democratic Senator Chris Murphy easily won his. Party's primary Republicans wanna make him a one term, Senator November. Connecticut democratic Senator Chris Murphy has been an outspoken critic of President Trump and the winner of the Republican party will work to retire Murphy, after one term but Murphy's already raised thirteen and a half million for his campaign which is more than, both was, Republican rivals polls showing him ahead in a, mostly democratic majority Connecticut ABC's Andy Field reporting a four aid. To, house speaker Paul Ryan wins the Republican primary in Wisconsin to replace him Brian style beating out. Five other competitors Tuesday voters are going to have a clear choice between our. Wisconsin, style solutions opponents Washington style politics in November style will, face Randy Bryce the winner of, the democratic primary a grand jury report reveals hundreds of Roman Catholic priest in Pennsylvania molested more than, a thousand children possibly many more since, the nineteen forties Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Bureau says there are. Most likely more victims and perpetrators out there we, feel certain. That many victims never came forward and that the diocese did not create written records every single time they heard something about abuse the grand, jury report says senior church officials systematically covered up the abuse and singles out a man who is now, the archbishop, of Washington DC former White House aide Omarosa, manigault Newman saying she won't be silenced by the Trump campaign. Madugalle, Newman talking to the Associated Press after the president's campaign announced it was filing an arbitration action. Against the former aide alleging she broke a secrecy agreement manigault Newman speaking to. The, AP he wants to divide this nation he wants to, pit his face against successful African, American particularly menu see him attacking Omarosa has claimed a tape exists of Trump using the n..

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