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Uh soup and then tacos and then macaroni and cheese and then after that is like spam and stuff in um okay so well here's the thing about the taco kits down it's not all in the kit now and this is this is a good number one thing then i finally they etiquette has everything don't buy it yeah no you don't want some shelf meat yeah spam yeah a muslim spam and there yeah i thought i'd shelf chicken one time the bought at this at this job i i would like to pull these threads but this one seems like i decides years ago there were the toggle bell kid it was on a shelf and ahead chicken in it which says dandar saying how it didn't kill me but we how was the chicken packaged um i feel like looser than you would expect like not in a can just seemed like one of those like like plastic containers with leg up peel off thing hm those things are not vacuumsealed they must be adviser dean's like that you've eaten sir dina a plastic can ono now now oh no it the whole thing was plastic known i am involved man i knew you route tim yet we know you said at the top of the show and then he said again at the top of the segment your tim man he had a man named him um proud proud of my name proud of my heritage i think this chicken which just.

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