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All right. Well, her his history is a prosecutor that was kind of a big a big story when she was running in the primaries for the Democratic nominee for president few ran it. We didn't mention that she ran against Joe Biden in the. Primary elections. So or history is a prosecutor. Is Unlike. Many Democrats and certainly not what the progressive left would like to see in a candidate. She pursued parents of children who were truant from school would put them in jail. So kids kids who were late or absent from school, she would legally pursue with the parents and potentially put them in prison. She resisted. Resisted an order to ease California's prison overcrowding by releasing prisoners, which is something that would be popular among a lot of the Democrat constituents opposed marijuana legalization in two, thousand, Ten and two, thousand twelve, but she since changed. Position on that since she famously told I believe it was hot ninety, seven and Charlemagne. The God that she was smoking weed in college while listening to to park and Torres Bi and snoop doggy Dogg Yup before they hit even became musical artists. Went to school. So I do look us up. She went to school law school in Nineteen eighty-nine and snoop dogg's for seldom nine, hundred, eighty three. So this is not her undergrad that you do for three or four years. This is her post Grad for one or two years, but she would have graduated by the time snoop Dogg came out A blatant lie it's blatant fucking lie. Well, it's possible. She misremembered. You know. Maybe it was when she was working those late nights she had actually. This was one year before the album came out one year before she got that job. So she was actually probably sleeping with Willie Brown smoking joins But this is this is one of many straws on the camel's back for Kamala Harris is the genuineness but going further on her history as a prosecutor, she aggressively prosecuted a lot of misdemeanors she didn't support the banning of the death penalty she she basically supported the death penalty. Her reason for all this that she says now is that she was working to change the system from inside and that she couldn't always go with her instincts. Her client was the state of California and that's what she was trying to serve. So it wasn't her acting as herself. It was more just her acting as a lawyer on behalf of the State of There's also like she was again statewide body camera Weyermann's. She refused to respond for victims that we're abused. By Catholic clergy. She supported bills that support seizing assets for forfeiture. She fought against releasing nonviolent offenders so that they could be used to find wildfires in California. Did, you have other stuff wanted to go through or am I just step on Tokyo history as a prosecutor not I'd gone through my. Big Balloons. So she she got in trouble for like fighting, allow false testimony in which which put somebody in jail for a double homicide when they were actually innocent and then DNA, evidence came out the. Thinks she was like a big proponent of like three strike law that. Would somebody in jail for the rest of their life even when they were had like to police witnesses say they were free And then most recently I think she got in trouble for..

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