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To the conservative circus, I am your ringmaster James t Harris. Got Word that the the Senate is meeting today. The question is are they going to take up a the legislators bill that was passed last week. Are they going to go even further to try to to push back against the the decrees that still in place by our Lord Ducie, or are they just going to just shut this whole thing up last week there was. Was The van tastic article of what the legislature should be doing, and it was by our sin Say Jeff, Jeffords instructor at the leadership and Freedom Center in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. He is also my co host on the constitutional conversations and Jeff. That article was very well received in its history. Lesson I want to start out with this We heard the governor and other officials. Say last week that the that the. Governor's. Of the governorship the legislature they're all coal equal branches of government in Arizona. Is that correct? Well I think..

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