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That i do every conversation that i have and i worry sometimes that it will dilute down to just be being diabetic when i like i said i am so many other things as are pretty much every other diabetic out there are more than just that disease and so i do think about it also for me fiction to such a wonderful escape. I don't write books because i have to. I write because. I love writing books especially for young people and i think that for me. I love that escapism of it. I love that. I am not having to figure out characters blood sugar situation. I've already. I've got enough doing that for myself so i don't know i think about it. Maybe as the years go by maybe in a few years all engage it They would have to be a really good idea. It wouldn't just be. this character. Has been diagnosed with diabetes. There would have to be more play for me. So i think about it. Never say never but if someone else wants to do it go for it. It's it's funny. I don't wanna put too fine a point on it but the first part of your answer there which is didn't want to be defined by diabetes is really what stacey story is all about to. Yes and i think that's why we like it so much. Because that's how almost everybody i know with any kind of diabetes feels right agreed. I think anybody with anything like that. It's very easy especially in sort of these wild modern times to focus on. Maybe what is unknown or scary or you know. People don't understand it. That's what they kind of go to first. But that's just not how i view and that's how i view being diabetic is just so. It's just a thread that's woven into my life. Know i it will always be there. It's something i will always manage. But it's so inherently me. I don't want someone to pull that threat out and only look at that rather than the bigger picture..

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