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Were thank kenosha. go ahead. 'cause boot chase them at one fifty four before they stripped him at a belt and cannella ran in fort liam sniff for that belt. When he ain't want to built one boob ready we will go to one sixty and go to design. Get a bill at one sixty cannella want from again now. Now he was sixty eight and they think everybody still putting boo boo so much on a back burner like they trying to eighty my god out. He needed like what's really going. He knew he not -sition like everybody got a better resume. Like charles offers more. He's a two time champion. Actually four people like bose biggest is like now willie nelson about about about not undefeated. Then laura b. him. I i'm sure laura von as before booh-booh i might be wrong. I ain't you know. I might be i. I guess you are now check. 'cause i'm it'll be hard at all with the beauty when he wouldn't that be ironic. If dimitrios. andre got vannes undefeated before laura. That would be ironic. 'cause you're on the big running. The only thing is is is shows go. Boo is one of the most and dump. Dude dude bobby jindal and.

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