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If you're not satisfied you get your money back last. Stretch run now the season guys. What are you thinking about? You look at Lakers glitzy. Let's start with Lakers clippers right now on a lake in a clipper team. That's still trying to get healthy. Paul George his groin again before the break. He's missed a bunch of games. Patrick Beverley has been out. He'll be back. He played against the wishes of clippers. Management was in the was not gonNa Miss The skills challenge in his hometown. And and Marcus Morris. Trying to fit in figure out you know figure out a chemistry with his group. But what do you do the to? La Teams now is we start kind of rounding third and heading for head for the playoffs. I mean from my perspective. You right now. The clippers are up three nothing even four. Nothing maybe you go back to the summer got Leonard. They've won the first two meetings. And then they got Marcus Morris. Those were the four times when they went head to head this year. Clippers swept him and I think when you look at that match up you know. I think the Lakers probably should feel pretty good about being able to beat the rest of the competition in the West. But if they have to line up against the clippers the evidence we have to. This point makes pretty clear. The clippers are the security. I mean I I would have to agree with that. It seems like the Lakers have put together a really strong roster. They've come out and they were really strong heading into the all star break. They were able to fix a lot of their little issues. It they seem to be having with their roster but for whatever reason the clippers seemed to be able to be a really good match for them whether or not. That's because they have these crafty guards that can get around them whether or not it's because they're so deep whether or not it's because they're so well coach but I also think what's interesting with the clippers is they have this chemistry that has seemed carryover even with the two new guys that they've S- three new guys that have been fitting in the they've really been able to keep that team identity or the Lakers of kind of been starting from scratch in that way. And then you can't overlook you know what happened with the death. Kobe Bryant and how that kind of through that organization a little bit so if they will be able to just keep steamrolling ahead and moving forward what? I'm saying that the clippers have that The Lakers around as they have multiple guys guard. Lebron James and the Lakers have no one who can guard Kawhi Leonard. That's why the Marcus Morris thing was so critical because he was a guy that if he came to the Lakers he could guard Kawhi and now they have no one like that. And when you look at the Lakers games this year against the clippers the box the sixers and the Celtics. Lebron struggled and all the things that they have in common or big physical wings. Second Guard Lebron trouble. Yeah I just I. You worry about health though with the clippers because they've not been able to keep that team on the floor. Leonard. It's Ben he's not gonNA play back to backs and it's been more rest with him. But Paul George has had some these nagging. Those nagging Groin Hamstring. That sometimes keep recurring. And that's what you worry about. I think like just got hurt in the last game before the all-star break in Boston exactly and I think the one thing about this Laker team is with the exception of that The fall that Anthony Davis took that lower back which was just a bruise. They've been durable. Lebron Anthony Davis have been available. And I do like I think. Top to bottom the clippers are deeper. They have a stronger bench mark. Marcus Morris was a critical pickup. But like if you're the clippers I think you're still worried about health and That's you know that to me is going.

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