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In a sinkhole. In both directions between Collins and Delta used Columbia Parkway as a detour. I'm rob Williams news radio 700 wlw before casting a 700 wlw Weather Center for tonight. Clouds and 28 4 Tomorrow Clouds and 40. It is 32 now news radio 700 wlw. The following is a test of your comprehensive ability. Please pay attention to the following list. That new car smell all you can eat shrimp half price Kalanick night. Your mind should have recognized these as things you enjoy the same way you enjoy getting the latest news, weather traffic and more from like McConnell. Join me. Mike McConnell Tomorrow morning at five. On 700 wlw Hour I Heart Radio Music Festival brought the biggest artists and music back together for two nights of live performances. You'll never forget they plugged in and played loud. Star collaboration, powerful performances, iconic covered state of the art virtual technology while I heart radio listeners experienced it all live as it happened from the first ever video fan wall. See for yourself. What are must be I heart Radio Music Festival Thursday at eight on the CW Cincinnati This report is sponsored by stable store Staples has everything you need to start the year. Right? All it amazing prices. Now it's staples or in 40% back and Staples rewards When you buy any to anchor toner cartridges operations 1921 Limit. Four visits. Staples dot com slash 40 In Rewards for details, Stables NEWSMAX TV. Everyone is watching it now get the real news. Was on President Trump on Newsmax more than 30. Million Americans tune into Newsmax TV with great shows and analysts like Dick Morris, Rudy Giuliani, Michelle Malkin, Diamond and silk, Mike Huckabee, Alan Dershowitz and a lot more every night you can watch news Max is Number one show, Greg Kelly. Reports. Greg Kelly and.

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