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Commercial now justified miss something on pbs that i wanna see in i can find it then i'll watch it there and of course the advantage for watching all the shows is no commercials think back to when you're when you first gotta tv and there were three chant three channels available right does your mind boggling what's available to you now my mind is totally buy gold at all the time all the time buy gold yeah and with the tree three channels and you had to get up and you had to tournament you had to use the knobs for horizontal and vertical and also dark days as your image now images excellent the imagine life without you streaming box no i cannot no i i use it all the time which roku do you have oh i have no idea it's just there that's another remote for you to deal with yeah you have to have three remote now right so i've got them all uh i understand the mall now so now you keep track of him they're just next to me wherever i am in whatever room i am we have roku is an all the rooms where we have tvs three three broke loose right kitchen bedroom living room i like the roku beautifully like the roku did you look at the amazon fire tv or another kind of streaming option you know i've heard about the amazon fire stick but i don't really know what that is as you know i don't like new things i'd like you know if i learn something i don't like upgrades i like to leave with the way it is i don't i don't need the newest version of it and there is our table.

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