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It it just seems strange that you would sit in the binding kona and have them as favorites in this quote of quite some time i'm not leaving this down over two legs i that we'll just we do watch literally about about runoff the defensive frailties sometimes of his but when you look at what what real madrid of going forward and in the middle of the pop the options z downs go i just think it's going to by interesting dose gave course we'll grab headlines these too heavily linked to move to trade in the summer it's just gonna affect anything implant i struggled to think of a year we're living ski hasn't been linked strongly to a move to to row madrid no i don't think so at all i for me actually and again i go back to these numbers since i i it's a turkey he's played i think around spent under less than sixteen hundred minutes kustow no has played nearly two thousand two hundred minutes and you wonder at some point does that catch up with you doesn't seem to be at the moment nikko kovacs shall we he will be in charge of on the next season this failed isn't it barn wanted a german speaker they wanted somebody familiar with the club obviously they they looked at everybody and their mother from from nagas mine to thomas to whole christian strike families while they settled on on niko kovac he came in to relegationthreatened side actually let them through the relegation playoff kept them up eleven last year w doing much better this year they they see something there before that either stint with as well i think it's the idea of we're such a well run club and all the pieces are in place that we can almost you know get a guy who maybe doesn't have a lot of experience coaching a big team but he can slow right in the pieces are there and you can grow along with us i think that's the thinking that says attention is now to the other semifinal which will say take on espn i'm much more than in this one sixteen percent livable wrong coming in at thirty one.

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