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At our little piece of the pie. That's not what the property tax on the commercial owners have to deal with they have to deal with all five taxing entities that twelve percent ACC. She's referring to their spending is going up twelve percent. Twelve percent increase in spending huge on Tapuach say four hundred dollars for a ISD. And then the seventy seven dollars for the city. And then who knows what the other two are going to do. So when you add all five up, it's a real blow whether you rent or own here's Mark inks lake with a comment about jewel in the middle schoolers and high schools. Using this product, Mark welcome to Marc and Melinda. How are you this morning? Thank you all for shit, our daughter, graduated dripping springs last may and vaping was always a problem. But it was. Before school during lunch after school parking lot. And when the jewel came out. She tells us it just exploded that kids were because it hides it fits in the palm your hand, very, you know, coincidentally, and that they were vaping in class because the kids would act like they were yawning cover their mouth and just became rampant. She said dad, everybody's doing it. I believe it. I believe it. So how do you turn this around Mark? Well, hammer the manufacturers for putting out flavors like cotton, candy and chocolate bunny and bubblegum, and it's just blatantly obviously, targeted at kids. Yeah. Those those flavors according to a lot of research that has been done are very seductive for kids middle school high school the jewel knows that. They've now renamed a lot of their flavors trying to get away from make. Them. So enticing wonder you mentioned that the Joel itself is so small do they look at remaking those that make them bigger. So they're not so easy to conceal. That's well, that's that would be another. Good step. I think because again, that's when she said it exploded and moved into the school buildings, and it sells due to the compactness inability to hide and it looks like a memory stick. It's again, I'm being repetitive. Sorry. It's obviously aimed at hooking. The can is there any school policy. That's out there. Addressing this. Like, you know, you can't smoke on campus. Does that what that falls under our Frank Griffin? Has no nicotine at all of any kind. They couldn't they couldn't smoke. But if you can hide it, you know, kids. Oh, yeah. That just makes it even more effective than someone can't. Yeah. Yeah. And then if they get a photo and can posted on Instagram or Snapchat. They they're really heroic at that point. You can see appeal of it. The statesman published a study about a year ago that defects nicotine on the teenage Brian good read. I showed it to my daughter. Hope I hope I got to her. I do too Mark this company now jewel alone, which has seventy two percent of the market is now valued at fifteen billion dollars. They just exploded I invested in. Apple y'all. Somebody else can have the jewel. All right. You have a good one five one two eight three six zero five ninety call us. Text us with your comments, Nick, welcome aboard. Melinda. And Mark happy to have you with this? Good morning. Yes, sir. Like you can bomb online. They helped twenty years. So I really think they do some good. Yes. But you can buy them online. I got just say click if I make pain. I think that's what do you go in the store? Right. Right. Off online. Could according. Dad's credit card. They can do a lot of. They helped me enough over twenty years down to nothing and you can reduce the level of the nicotine. I don't think the kids are concerned about the levels of nicotine or whatever. It's just all about the look are just being a part of a fad. That's going on right now. A lot of don't know. There's included. Yeah. I think it's completely safe online for for nothing. You know, like, yes, very. Sure. Now have you yourself? Are you still using the e cigarettes, Nick, I am? But I've cut way back with being able to lower the next thing. All right. Good for you. Thanks, buddy. Have a good day. Yeah. The two thousand yrs of jewel are graduates of Stanford there. They were about cigarette smokers and wanted to quit wanted to to come up with this product. Yes, I can see definitely helping those that want to quit smoking. But it took on a mind of its own with these young people the Texas Tribune as a fascinating story about a democrat member of congress from the San Antonio area who had a fundraiser this week for Republican congressman. Oh my goodness. Say it isn't true. Yes. John Carter of round rock. And now this democrat congressman is catching it from Democrats. How dare you? What are you doing? You should have been helping our democrat candidate nj Hager. We're trying to win control of the house. Are you out of your mind? I know they're out of their mind for bashing this guy. I mean Lord forbid that we take someone that we've known for a long time worked with consider a dear friend and hosts a party for them. It's come to the point. If you have a different opinion, if you're different than I am. And you're supposed to thing different. We can't even communicate. We shouldn't even be looking at each other much less talk to each other or be in the same room together. It's that's just so ridiculous. Says I've been a long time friend of judge John Carter and we've worked together on a lot of issues, and he says, look I put more money into the democrat effort to win house seats than just about anybody. We're all required to put in two hundred thousand dollars I put in four hundred thousand dollars. So what if I do something to help one Republican, but the Democrats are are really angry at him. They're saying look this might come down to one or two house seats for full control of the house. Are you out of your mind? Yeah. Are you going to be the one that contributes to the Republicans keeping control? How dare you? It's silly. It's silly. It really is that you can't be friends with somebody that maybe on a different political spectrum is what you are. It really is silly to me. Well, that's where we are on one level. I do understand their passion and. Wanting to regain. Yes. Yes. And this could come right down to one or two seats. They're right about that. And if they can get control of the house, we all know impeachment of Trump is coming immediately. I get that. But I guess I was just raised differently that, you know, family friends should come before political anything. You know, regardless. Yes. I mean that speaks volumes to me for this guy who I've never even heard of that. I would definitely go. Okay. Well, he obviously is someone who's loyal to his friends thinks that they're a dear friend, helping him out. I would probably look him up and see what it more about him. Some dims are a little bit suspicious of quasar. They say he's he's kind of conservative for a democrat in got a good seat on a key house committee..

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