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News with gene grad. We'll definitely have more on this tomorrow but wanted to get a jump on it as we record this fox news reports. That actress rose mcgowan will appear alongside Alongside republican california gubernatorial candidate. Larry elder to address the media. Later to day as we record this which is also two days before the state's recall election. In which elder is trying to unseat newsom so why is mcgowan involved in this well. She claims that six months before she came forward with sexual assault allegations against harvey weinstein. Newsome's wife reached out to her relaying. A message from weinstein's attorney in. How do we work this out so this doesn't become a thing. Here's a minute. I just pulled a minute of larry elder talking to a local so cal media about what happened. According to rose mcgowan vice gather new so called. Rose mcgowan about six months before the story broke and said on behalf of harvey weinstein lawyer. How can i make you happy. How can i make this story. Go away now. I don't know whether it's to that gavin's wife on behalf harvey weinstein's lawyer and try to get rose mcgowan tobacco for allegation six months before the allegations is true. All i know is that allegations were made about my significant other than my significant other called down on behalf of harvey weinstein's lawyer and said how can make this story away. How can we see them. We'll be talking about wash them. Talking about the new york talking about political will be talking about it right now. Radio free silence news access asked me about it and it was published in real through politics outside of that. The mainstream media doesn't give a damn. This is a double standard. Which i've been subjected to the entire time and running he marla. And it's unfair. I heard about this story. A i hate all the stupid mudslinging. But that's where we're at. So here's the deal. I hate gavin newsom. Obviously i still don't like all the delving into everyone's shit. I i just i don't it but unfortunately Gavin and company drew first blood. Because they've done they've spoken they haven't said anything about larry elder policies. They've been too busy calling him. The black face white race white supremacy and getting into these old stories about getting into an argument that girlfriend and did he have. They have a gun gun one. They dug up all this shit. That's what they always do. And now i guess turnabout is fair. Play by so. Larry isn't doing it he's just he's saying roses doing it and larry's going on that's weird all right. My prediction is now. Here's how this stuff works. It could be a huge story or it can be a nothing burger. It'll be up to the news outlets to figure out whether blows up or not. They're not gonna let it blow up this close to the recall so i don't suspect any front page on l. a. Times top of the cnn news stories. I don't i think it'll get tamped down. And then if it resurfaces it'll resurface after the runoff election or after the recall and and we have to say i have to say that whatever you think of rose mcgowan boy is she. Fair doesn't matter what political party moguls are associated with. She'll take you down but what would gather newsome's wife. No or what dominion would she have over weinstein. I mean who knows. I mean group over here. And they run with you know newsom run since pretty highfalutin circle and you think of all the epstein photos with. We're talking everyone literally between trump and bill clinton. I mean who who knows what we don't know. Yeah but what. Why would what did gavin newsome's wife do or what could she do anyway. It'll be interesting. I like the turnabout part of it because this is where we're at. I don't know if we can ever on ring this bell at the horseback barn. Where just like here the topics. Here's what we're going to talk about. We'll stay on the topics and whatever you do in your love life or whatever again just calling people racist or misogynistic or whatever it seems like such a colossal waste of time also also kind of interesting where i don't know how old larry elder larry elder's probably sixty four years old or something if you've made it from zero to sixty four in a in you are in fact racist but you have no history of racism. I'll probably make it to your grave. You know what i mean. Who knows what lurks in the hearts of radio show host but the point is if in fact you've made it past sixty and you've never done any harm to a black man probably because you're black man or not we'll just we'll just turn the page. We'll keep moving forward in a little odd. That they unearthed. As brian likes to say the speech elder was giving about saying he would have voted against civil rights. Fun little thing to have before the recall election. But wouldn't you know it. The sun reports in an interview. On the ruben. Report mcgowan dave quote. So this woman. I don't know some blonde lady with the last name. Newsom cold calls me and was like david boies. Who's the attorney wants to know what it would take to make you happy. And then it says a report from the new yorker also showed that in two thousand seventeen boys attempted to dig up dirt on weinstein accusers to smear their credibility so there is some interweaving in there somewhere. All right well we'll see holyfield belfort. Tmz reports that a vendor holyfield was knocked out in the first round against belfort. Meanwhile trailers ryan kavanagh has announced. He's proposing a thirty million dollar winner. Take all fight against jake paul. So you were busy. I don't know if you what you saw it or what you didn't. Here's a clip of the final moment of the fight with the ref kind of jumps into stop things. You feel free to commentator tour bell for of the ufc is fighting last minute replacement so all right now. I'm confused because i was on the plane with mike and mike announce this to me a couple of hours ago and said he was replacing God all think of his name oscar de la hoya and oscar de la hoya oscar de la hoya significantly smaller than both these guys like. I'm i'm be surprised if he was fighting. And he said said holyfield took it on eight days notice and i said all right. We'll show the will show the clip and feel free to play here. Yeah sorry there's more fast. Forwarding are striving but holyfield took it on eight days. Notice larry elder. Sixty-nine did you say man. I'm just looking at. I'm just looking at my screen. All right sorry.

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